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Friday, June 8, 2012


I was very excited to see the new fall scents previewing at my store.  I picked up all but one, there are six total but I skipped out on Treehouse Memories.  Something about the way Yankee makes their fall fragrances smell so, well….fall!  Here it is not even the middle of summer and I am thinking about fall scents.  I really shouldn’t rush my summer, but they were only $0.99!  I enjoyed a couple of them based off of smelling them in their wrapper.  Here they are:


Season’s Blessings =\=
This scent is described as “pears, plums, and grape with hints of spice and cardamom.”  I really think this will be one I burn first.  It has a really nice bright sweet note about it that really makes me think about fall fruit. 





Harvest Welcome =\=
This scent is described as “farm fresh pumpkins spiced with just right amount of brisk autumn air.”  This scent reminds me of Moonlight Harvest but without the earthiness.  It’s spicy but not like a pumpkin pie.  It will definitely be one to have on hand for the up coming fall season.





Apple Pumpkin =\=
A fall favorite from last year’s Blue Ribbon Line, Apple Pumpkin is described as “home grown apples and pumpkins blended with ginger and clove.”  I love this, you get the wonderful fragrance of sweet fall apples and fresh pumpkin all spiced up.  something about it just makes me feel that it’s dropped about 15 degrees outside.  This is a remarkable scent and I am so pleased it’s back.





Caramel Pecan Pie =\=
This scent is described as a “scrumptious recipe of walnuts, pecans and creamy caramel.”  Just on the name alone, I want to grab a fork!  The picture of course is enticing too.  Creamy caramel is a stand out note in this (Yankee’s caramel is an easy scent to pick out; it’s strong), then I get the walnuts and pecans.  It reminds me a little of Apple Pie by Yankee Candle, the crust I think is what makes it similar. 





Whoopie Pie! =\=
Chocolate lovers kind of fragrance, this scent is described as “creamy vanilla frosting meets moist, rich, chocolate”.  I think chocolate scents are very difficult to create into candle form.  They all end up smelling the same to me.  I can get the chocolate of course but I actually get that vanilla scent as well.  It make this a little different from your regular run of the mill chocolate scents.  I’ll have to actually burn this to see how it truly smells. 





The last scent, which I didn’t pick up was Treehouse Memories.  It is described as “Warm, earthy woods wrapped in sweet, familiar spices”.  I might have to go back to the store and pick this one up just so I can compare it.  I am a little timid when it comes to “woods and earthy” scents.  Even though I rather enjoy Moonlight Harvest which is a real spicy / earthy scent, this one was really hard to smell in the store.  Right now the previews are $0.99 so if you are interested in any of these you might want to pick them up now.  They are in stores and online.