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Saturday, June 1, 2013

I went to Walmart and I always check out their candle selection, I guess I think I’m going to stumble upon something truly amazing.  I found what a lemon bakery candle!  I was so excited and without hesitation I picked up four of the three wick 11.5 oz candles (retail for $3.50 a piece).  Seriously where could go wrong for the price and it smelled decent on a cold sniff. 

Immediately when I arrived home I pulled out one of the candles and lit it.  I was so excited to find out what it was going to smell like.  The description on Walmart’s website says

“Mainstays Lemon Cake Candle is light and deliciously sweet. Sugared lemon cupcakes embellished with tangy touches of lemon zest and fluffy accents of whipped citrus vanilla frosting.”

20130601_101After a little while of burning this candle I could smell a faint bakery lemony scent.  As it made its way down to the bottom of the jar, however, it started to smell like lemons that were set on fire.  I get that every so often with candles, the smell of something on fire or smoke smell, and that’s why it’s important to burn a candle all the way unless you are planning on swapping it out after the mid way point.  Unfortunately, I was not amazing by this candle.  I wanted to be…I really did.  I was going to be so happy to find an inexpensive lemon candle that I could find easily.  Oh well I will burn the others that I have and perhaps be done with it. 

Rating (0-5): StarStarit was okay at the beginning

Throw: medium.  It actually put out a decent throw, I could smell it over some of the other candles I had going.

Worth It: I would almost say I rather buy this just to melt it on my hot plate.

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Have you ever been surprised about something you tried? I have with this scent. At first, I didn't get that strong of a fragrance from this little tike. This .8 oz cup really rocked my socks. I couldn't believe how strong this scent was while melting it. The description of this fragrance is Toasty Mallow Zucchini Bread ♥♥
A sweet and spicy blend of perfectly toasted marshmallows and moist zucchini bread. Created by Sarah M! Available in creamy or spicy zucchini bread. An OLC blend.

Absolutely one of my new faves!! A delicious spicy bread with sweetness from the marshmallow.