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Saturday, July 7, 2012


I ordered this scent not too long ago on a hunch from a reading all the reviews on it.  Apparently this scent is very popular and why wouldn’t it be?  It’s a sugar cookie….a delicious buttery, sugary sweet sugar cookie.  Everyone I have talked to highly recommends it.

On cold sniff it’s very creamy and buttery yet not too sweet where you are getting cavities just from smelling it, but has the right amount of sugar.  It smells like butter, sugar, and a hint of vanilla blended together with a mixer.  A yummy start to this delicious baked treat!

It didn’t totally wow me when I opened the clamshell.  However, when I placed it in the huge cupcake warmer that I purchased last year, it started to smell delicious!  The sweet vanilla and butter come out, still creamy but more of a bakery smell.  Definitely a good way to enjoy a sweet treat. 

Scentsy describes this scent as:

Warm, sweet blend of butter, sugar and creamy vanilla.

Rating (0-5): StarStarStarStar1/2 I wish it was just a little stronger with the bakery note.

Throw: Medium to Strong

Worth It: Yes

Friday, July 6, 2012

IMG_1357I found this at Walmart the other day and I picked up two clamshells.  On a cold throw I get a nice bakery cookie fragrance with only a touch of chocolate.  It’s not super strong but it seems to be a great chocolate chip cookie scent that won’t choke me up with fake chocolate.  The perfect mix.

When I got home I figured it would be worth trying right away…I was ready to switch to something sweet and bakery like. I went ahead a put two cubes but I think one would have been plenty for the small room I was in (the candle room).  Right away I could smell this wonderfully creamy butter vanilla scent with chocolate notes.  It was such a delightful fragrance. 

ScentSationals package describes this scent as:

Sweet vanilla, warm butter and a hint of milk chocolate.

I will be picking up more of these.  They would be perfect any time of the year you want to have a little sweetness added to your home.

Rating (0-5):StarStarStarStarStar

Throw: Medium to Strong

Worth It: Yes

IMG_1351When I think of citrus I think of sweet strong bright notes but the citrus in this fragrance is just a bit different.  The citrus is a smooth slightly sweet almost refreshing. It works amazingly well with the earthiness of the sage which isn’t too over bearing. 

It’s a beautiful scent that I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a man-dle or cologne type scent, however, it would be a great fragrance to have in a man cave to un-stink-a-fy the room, without making it smell like cleaner.  I enjoy this in the guest room and the great room.

The tart was pretty strong but that’s what I want in a wax melt.  The candle gives off just enjoy scent to fill a small to medium size room.


Yankee Candle describes this scent as:

This blend of earthy sage, luxurious talc, and lemon-lime creates a natural harmony.

At first I wasn’t interested in this fact every time I went to Yankee Candle, I passed it up and didn’t give it a second thought.  I started watching YouTube videos and TheNoseKnows76 had mentioned this fragrance.  I was out and about at Bed, Bath and Beyond..Sage and Citrus was on sale and I had a coupon so I figured why not.  Instantly I fell in love with it.  I had it going in the warmer next to the couch and it was just perfect.  A nice clean and refreshing snuggly scent all wrapped up in to one. 

Overall Rating (0-5):StarStarStarStarStar Perfect for any time of the year.