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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ah … the Jar-normous.  This is the bigger one out of the two (I think).  It’s not just Christmas scents like the one after the Holidays. 

Okay so I thought I would share which scents I would like to see at the semi annual sale at Yankee Candle.  There is nothing like getting a good deal on a Yankee candle.  Last year this was the run down:  You could buy 6 large jars or tumblers for $69.  2 large jars or tumblers for $25.  1 large jar or tumbler for $15.  Of course this was out of the select scents (treasure scents and discontinued scents) bought back just for the SAS.  If they have something similar to this I will stock up if it ends up being $12 to $13 a jar.  Of course there were special prices for tarts and medium jars/tumblers.   I’m not sure how it will be this year, but if they bring back scents here which ones I want:

Shortbread Cookie – I know I have one already but it’s so good I want several of them.  I think this could be a scent I could use all the time.
Country Lemonade – They discontinued this scent last year but I am hoping they will bring back some that are in stock. I hope!
Water Garden – A nice watery floral.
Star Fruit and Orange – I bought this scent last year and fell in love with it.  Nice and bright just the way I like them!
Leather – I didn’t grab it last year and I hope it’s out again this year.
Vanilla Oak – Nice scent…different then your traditional vanilla scents.
Tutti Frutti – This was out last year too and I didn’t get it in time when I was checking out online.
Banana Cream Pie – I only could snag one last year.
Lemon Zest – Never had this one.  I do have tart in it.
Peaches and Berries – I want a second since I have been using mine up.
Mom’s Apple Pie – would be nice to try this one!
Raspberry Cream – This is wonderful with Jelly Donut ..just an added bit of sweetness
Candied Apple – I have never tried this scent.
Juicy Orange – Well I do love citrus.

I like it when they have the special pours, like the 10 oz tumbler of Stormwatch and Kiwi Berries and the three wick 17 oz (I think it is) in scents like Early Sunrise, Blueberry Scone, Fruit Salad, Candied Apple, and Cinnamon and Sugar.  These are great to have on hand.  I like the 3 wick ones the most.  The ones I have used have given off an amazing throw in my great room.  If they are planning on changing over the marbled wax for smooth in the tumblers this is when they might push those out. 

Of course there will be others that I can’t think of that might show up.  I know some of the seasonal summer scents will be retired but I am not sure which ones will stay.  I know Midnight Oasis will be leaving, it did last year.  I think Cherry Lemonade was another that left after the SAS.

Anyway, here are some tips to go by when shopping:

1. If you see what you want, get it.  Don’t wait because it won’t be there when you go back for it.  Prices do drop towards the end since they are trying to get rid of what they have in stock. 
2. Go for the best price.  Find scents to make the deal work for you.  For example if they have 6 for $70 don’t buy 2 jars over and over again.  Chances are you are not getting the best price. 
3. Have a plan.  Don’t just spend money, think of birthdays, holidays, or special occasions you would want to buy a gift for in the future.  This is a great way to take care of all of those things for cheap!
4. Know what scents and sizes you want ahead of time.  If you have an idea you can prepare.  Last year I knew the whole list of scents but this year no one is leaking the list but at least you know do you want fruit, food and spice, floral, fresh?  Do you want pillars, jars, tumblers etc?
5. If you can, shop both in store and online.  Last year I woke up at 3 in the morning to shop on line and grab what I wanted.  I did this once a week when the new deals were released and new scents were added.  Who doesn’t love shopping in their PJs.  Sometimes the stores will have different scents.  Make sure you check there periodically as well.  The ladies at my store know I will be dropping hundreds so they take good care of me. 
6.  Make room now.  If you have a lot of half used jars/tumblers, burn them to clear out the cabinet.  That’s what I have been doing this whole month.
7.Have fun with it. <3  I enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  Will I find what I want?  Who knows but I feel happy when I find something special.

I hope you have fun shopping the SAS!

Let me know what you all end up getting.  I love hearing what everyone finds.

20110728_10I often get asked about tart warmers.  Where did I get mine? How much was it? Which one is the best? How do clean the wax out….the list of questions goes on and on.   I actually have three that look just like this picture.  The one I have in the kitchen is from Kim’s Tarts.  I purchased it first before I knew I could just go and buy one at a local retail store (I didn’t know they sold them there).  I picked this one up at Bed, Bath and Beyond in the candle section of the store.  It’s made by a company called Candle Warmers.  It’s a 24 watt tart warmer/ candle warmer.  The bowl comes off for easy cleaning and you can place a candle on the plate to use up any fragrance that might be left in the little bit of wax in the bottom of the jar.  There is a flip switch to turn it on and off.  An indicator light is located on the base.

They have a variety of candle/tart warmers,  I have never used the ones that have a lamp shining down on the top of the candle.  I believe those melt both the bottom and the top simultaneously.  I am pleased with mine and would continue to buy this brand (as long as it’s in Bed, Bath and Beyond).  I believe I paid $13 at BBB and now that I’m thinking about it I should have used a coupon.  There is also a company called Vista Wholesale which I have heard several people mention.  I have never ordered from them but they have relatively inexpensive warmers. 

Let’s move on, how to get the wax out of the dish.  I just place a few ice cubes on the top of the wax which will cause it to shrink.  It should slide right now.  Sometimes I get tarts/melts that are stubborn.  When that happens, I just place the whole dish in the freezer.  I leave the ice cubes on the top, sometimes it gives me something to grab on to while trying to remove the wax.  This really only happens when I don’t use the whole melt/tart  or it’s too thin of a layer and refuses to budge.  I have read all sorts of tricks like putting a drop of water, wipe the bowl with oil or spray non stick cooking spray in the bottom of the dish.  I haven’t tried these but I guess the water prevents the wax from forming a tight seal which in turn slides out of the dish or breaks into pieces.   Obviously the non stick spray and oil would help the wax from sticking…it should slide right out.  Something about mixing stuff in my wax, I’m afraid would make it tweak the scent. 

What’s the difference between the warmer in the picture and a warmer from Scentsy or BH&G?  True there are several different warmers out there.  Scentsy and BH&G warmers are bulb warmers which are nice if you have children and/or pets.  The wax doesn’t get scalding hot and they also can be used as a night light.  I own the cupcake warmer from Scentsy and I have to say I love it.  This warmer takes the low and slow approach, low heat releases the scent slowly which of course means you don’t have to replace or change out the wax (unless you are tired of the scent).  As long as the wax is jam packed with oils then it will last for a long time.  These warmers, however, are not made to melt a Paraffin wax melt/tart (like Yankee).   You can try, but both of my light bulb warmers couldn’t even get it to melt the bottom of the tart.   My PartyLite warmer does have a hot plate and an LED light inside so it’s like the best of both worlds.  I have a snowman one from the holiday season and it was pretty inexpensive as well.  I think I bought it during the typical after the holiday sales.

When shopping for an electric warmer keep these questions in mind:

1. Can you remove the dish?
2. Do I want a heating plate or melt by light bulb heat?
3. How wide is the dish? Remember, wider gives off more of a scent throw.
4. What is the wattage? Mine are 24 watt, which makes the wax super hot.
5. Where am I putting this warmer?
6. If d├ęcor is your thing, does it match?  Don’t end up like me and wondering why I bought a big cupcake warmer.  It took sometime but I found it to be perfect in the kitchen.

Here are the links to where you can purchase warmers: (this includes the Scentsy and PartyLite warmers)


**Please note I’m not a consultant for either Scentsy or PartyLite.  I just enjoy both companies and have purchased products from each.