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Okay so I have been seeing a lot of people getting the new fruit scents that just came out at Yankee and I'm super jealous. I sooooo want to try Fruit Fusion! It sounds right up my alley!! What?!? Fruit scents aren't your thing?? No worries, there are plenty of fresh scents that have earthy/grassy notes to them.
I truly enjoy Soft Blanket for those rainy afternoons...typically I will have that going in the office and Storm Watch in the bedroom.
On sunny warm days I prefer Green Grass! It's a wonderful sweet grass scent which reminds me of a summer afternoon, after my dad would mow the lawn. <3
Like the smells you take in at the beach?? I know this isn't for everyone but Sun and Sand is on of my top picks. Let's face it, here where I live we're ready for the beach almost all year. I enjoy getting ready for spring and summer visits to the local beach where you smell the salty ocean water, and suntan lotion.
Melting something for the evening? How about Pink Sands, Midsummers Night, or midnight Jasmine.