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Sunday, March 2, 2014
Decided to melt Citrus Tango tonight. 

On cold sniff this is sour tart strong citrus...just the way I LIKE it!!!  I am hoping it will fill the great room. 
This was pretty strong if I say so myself.  The longer I had it going the more it smelled like a sour powdered drink. Like lemonade but not as sweet. Still like it and will continue to use it. It cleaned out the lingering dinner smells. Not something I would melt if I were looking for something sweet...more cleaning up at the end of the day. Might melting it with early sunrise. Just to see what I might end up with. I know ES is citrus too but I think this might just add a touch more :). 

I ordered a set of stamping plates from Amazon the other day. The ones I ordered are by Pueen Cosmetics set number 24E. When they made it here I couldn't wait to try them out. 
I had a party to go to so I thought I would try out a couple.  I am wearing China Glaze Creative Fantasy (purple) and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep Insta Dri for the stamps. 
I had heard that the Insta Dri line was a commonly used polish for stamping. They turned out pretty cute I think. 
Cute little owl.

Vines on the rest. 
I used an old gift card as a scraper. It makes it easier for some reason plus it isn't scratching my plate.