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Saturday, May 25, 2013


It was suggested to me by Kringle that I try Rosemary and Fresh Baked Bread together and I thought the other night that it was just what I needed to melt after a long day of doing laundry, entertaining a baby, and cooking dinner.  I don’t always like the aftermath of dinner fragrances….sometimes it just lingers too long.  I thought of this because sometimes sugary sweet scents don’t play well with odors from our meal. 

I have already written a review for Fresh Baked Bread…the short version – I love it and will continue to buy it as long as they have it.  It’s the best bread scent that I have come across. <3


Now, on to the Rosemary.  I have purchased one of the Spice Line candles before and LOVED it..(I haven’t gotten to the review of it yet) when I saw this in the box, I’m sure the smile on my face was HUGE!  This smells amazing!  I think it is so authentic and it is like I totally have a sprig of rosemary in my hand.  What a minute…but what does it smell like..this is actually kind of tricky to explain.  Rosemary has kind of a salty sweet pine smell.  I know that might not make a whole lot of sense but if you really need to know, go and find it at the store and smell it!  Sure you might look a little silly but it’s okay.  Adored!

Before I melted this I guessed that it would smell like the bread and herbs you get at Italian restaurant.  It was even better than I imagined!  I already was in love with the FBB but adding the Rosemary pushed it over the edge of savory scents.  I think I will actually buy these both in the largest size so I an burn them together.  I would recommend this to anyone who needs a change up from the sugary sweet fragrances. 

Rating (0-5): StarStarStarStarStarYUM!

Throw: Medium but I could have added more pieces (I only used one of each)

Worth It: Most Definitely!

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