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Friday, December 27, 2013
Okay so I have a complaint to make and it might just be user error verses the product itself. 
Essie hates me....plain and simple.  I just can't get it to stay on my nails longer then 4 hours. It chips off right after it dries. Now I have asked my friends (who swear by Essie) what they do when they paint their nails. The only thing I can see is I don't use Essie brand top coat. I do use different top coats. I feel that sometimes Seche Viet pulls the polish off the tips (like it does with my Zoya polish, even when I paint the tips)I might use Out the Door or Orly. 
This mani is Toggle to the Top. A beautiful sparkly maroon/ garnet color. The application was fine. Smooth. I used two coats and then taped them up to add Gold Metal by Sinful Colors. Not what I was wanting to do at first, but it turned out okay. I feel I painted too far down with the gold but I was too lazy to do it over.