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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Think about cutting a freshly baked loaf of banana bread…it’s moist, warm, fruity and sweet.  I get a really ripe banana note, which is what I use when I make banana bread…it’s actually the reason I make banana bread just to use up the bananas I purchased.  I think there might be a little brown sugar in the mix. It’s simple yet delicious! I just want to put a pat of butter on this and pour a glass of milk or cup of coffee.

  This was super strong!  I only used 1 piece and it filled my house with sweet bread and fresh bananas.  I was pleasantly surprised!  Usually I’m skeptical about scents with banana in them sometimes they smell like Runts candies, but not this.

  I feel that Kringle does a wonderful job making their scents very authentic. 

Kringle describes this fragrance as:

The rich homey fragrance of oven-fresh banana bread is captured perfectly.  A must sniff.

Rating (0-5): StarStarStarStarStar

Throw: Strong

Worth It: Yes!  I might purchase this in a large size. 

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Monday, May 6, 2013


I received a box of goodies from Kringle today.  I was super IMG_0076_thumb4surprised to find what was in it!  Before I share everything I want to tell you a little about the company.

 First and foremost Kringle is not in business with Yankee.  The short version of this story is…  Mike Kittredge II started Yankee in 1969 and sold the company in 1998 then retired from the candle industry.  Michael “Mick” Kittredge III started Kringle Candle Company in 2009 as part of a college course…how cool is that!  That’s really the only connection that can be made.  Yankee was out of the picture before Kringle was even born.



Why the white wax and what kind of wax is it?

The white wax is actually the concept Michael “Mick” Kittredge III came up with…it will match any d├ęcor no matter which fragrance you pick…there for it won’t clash with your interior tastes.  Also the white wax burns brighter and cleaner since there are no dyes in the wax to interfere with the wick.

**A personal thought on the white wax is I am not paying extra money for dyes.

The wax used at Kringle is 100% food grade paraffin.  To learn more about the differences of soy and paraffin click –> here


My package included: 5 Wax Potpourri Melts ($3 a piece), 5 Daylights ($3 a piece), 2 Air Fresheners ($2.99 a piece), 2 Wick Crystal Pillar ($24), Medium Classic Apothecary Jar ($20), Wax Potpourri warmer ($19.95)


The Wax Potpourri Melts


The wax potpourri melts are a great way to fill your home with fragrance!  They are easy to break apart so blending scents is a breeze.  Think of all the possibilities!  You don’t have to save half pieces in a plastic bag…just break off what you need and put the rest back in the container for another day! 

$3 a piece







Don’t be fooled by its size, this little baby can really hold its own.  Daylights are a twelve hour candle (which is how they got their name because they last all day).  These candles are great for small places or traveling and have a surprisingly strong throw. 

$3 a piece




Crystal Pillars


This is a two wick crystal pillar in the scent Mango.  Two wick crystal pillars is preferred by those seeking extra fragrance power.  Remember multiple wicks make for a nice even wax pool in the larger candles. 

4.5” = $21 Burn time = 65 Hours

6” = $25 Burn time = 85 Hours

7.5” = $26 Burn time = 130 Hours

2 wick  small = $24 Burn time = 55 Hours

2 wick large = $28 Burn time = 100 Hours

3 wick = $17 Burn time = 25 Hours


Classic Apothecary Jars



A lovely classic design!  This is a medium Classic Apothecary Jar in the fragrance Citrus and Sage.  This is the most popular style and represents the core of the Kringle line.

Small = $10  Burn time = 15 Hours

Medium = $20 Burn time = 50 Hours

Large = $24 Burn time = 95 Hours





Air Fresheners



These air fresheners are great for any location where you aren’t allowed to have a flame like closets, storage cabinets, or areas that are designated for pets. 


Wax Potpourri Warmer



This tea light warmer is one of my favorites!!  It has a detachable bowl on the top which makes cleaning a breeze!  It comes in two different colors black (seen in the picture) and chrome.







Stay tuned for reviews of the fragrances!  I can’t wait to start burning/melting everything!


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