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Monday, January 19, 2015
I am going to go ahead and write about the scenterpiece (even though I will make a video about it too). 
This my friends is a scenterpiece by Yankee.  Skeptical. I was worried it would be discontinued as quickly as it was put on shelves. It sounded great to me... Melt the wax in cups so they could be switched out at a moments notice.   Now watching Youtubers review their new toy I hopped on the bandwagon.  I picked this beauty, Crimson.  It's a smaller one. $19.99.  I picked up a couple of the cups to test it out.  The one scent I would like to see is Soft Blanket but that's another story. I popped in a Kitchen Spice.  I was not prepared for the butt kicking I was about to received. Knocked my socks off. It took a good bit of time to reach a full wax pool put it filled my great room in no time!  The cups are $4.99 but are supposed to last up to 24 hours (regular tarts are up to 8 hours). My cups were on sale for $2.49.  So really worth it during sales :D