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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A new line came out at Yankee Candle, Citrus Passion!  It sounds like something right up my alley!  Citrus is one of my favorite things to burn/melt pretty much all year long with the exception of the short fall and winter season (from the middle of October until the end of the cold days; which can be the first week of January or middle of February).  I always have a lemon candle in the kitchen

Here are the four new scents:

grapefruit cp

Citrus Passion: Grapefruit =\=  Pucker up!  The the cold throw is very light but I get the sour sweet that you would get when you cut open a grapefruit.   orange cp

Citrus Passion: Orange =\= A bright  juicy scent.




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Sunday, April 8, 2012

I got a new package the other day!!  It was from Crabby Candle Co. which I had heard about from Youtube.  Here are the scents I got in my package.  It was the spring/summer sampler pack for $25.


strawberry kiwi


Strawberry Kiwi –

Sweet and tart this is a great scent for those of you who love fruit!  The slip that came with my order says this one is strong.  I can’t wait to try it out!  I need something that can scent up a great room!





vanilla lavenderVanilla Lavender –

creamy vanilla mixed with a sweet lavender.  This smells really strong in the package but I hope that means it will be a great scent to use in a larger room.






paradise fallsParadise Falls –

What would Paradise Falls smell like to you?  Fresh air, tropical notes, and water.  I definitely get a hint of tropical fruit…like a banana or coconut.  Well whatever it is, I like it and can’t wait to use it!






summer love iiSummer Lovin’ II -

Everytime I hear this scent’s name I want to see Summer Lovin’ from Grease.  This scent has coconut, sun tan lotion, water and driftwood notes…perfect for the upcoming summer season!






blackberry teaBlackberry Tea –

Sweet juicy blackberries mixed with the tea.  Sounds delicious!  I love fruit infused teas whether they are cold or hot!  I will be putting this one on the top of the Melt first list!






sweet kySweet Ky –

This is a beautiful mix of sweet pea and roses with just a dash of vanilla.  A lovely floral and I’m not even a floral person!







sakuraSakura –

Cherry blossoms, musk and vanilla all blended perfectly for this scent.  It’s a dupe of BBW Japanese Cherry Blossom.







berry sweetBerry Sweet –

This is a candy type scent….tart/tangy/sweet all rolled up in one little cup of goodness!  I really enjoy these types of fragrances.






peach fizzPeach Fizz –

Let’s say that lemon and lime ….meet peach.  They become the bestest of friends.  They smell wonderful together, not overly strong but still a nice sweet swirl of peach and citrus. Love it.






strawberry shortcakeStrawberry Shortcake –

CCC’s take on a good ol’ classic.  I love trying all varieties of Strawberry Shortcake but this one is truly a work of art.  Smells just like it would taste, you get the strawberries and the sponge cake.  Yum!!





gnarly dudeGnarly Dude! –

Surfs up man!  This scent is a fun manly fragrance.  It’s got fresh water, musk, with a slight touch of mint.  I think on those not so comfortable days of summer this will be sure to cool any room off. 






sassafrasSassafras –

I love this scent **  It’s a very unique fragrance, but it’s worth trying!  If you like rootbeer type scents but are over done on the added cream (for rootbeer floats) then try this out!






pink sandsPink Sands –

YC dupe, which is lovely!  Coconut, jasmine, citrus, vanilla all mixed together with fresh air notes make this a fantastic scent if you want to escape to paradise… no matter what time of year it happens to be at the moment!





vanilla berry mochaVanilla Berry Mocha –

This isn’t a coffee lovers only scent, with that sweet mix of vanilla and berries anyone can enjoy this one.  It truly has many different levels to it.  Although I do love coffee scents but this one seems to be perfect for just about anyone!





raspberry zingerRaspberry Zinger –

Um…yes please!  Maybe even 2 or 3?  From the moment I read the label I have been wanting some sort of snack cake like this….where can you go wrong with tart raspberries in cake with vanilla icing…drools.





amaretto cookieAmaretto Cookie – I love amaretto so when I saw that this scent came with the spring/summer sampler I was so excited!  Cookie notes mixed with a creamy amaretto…hmmm  I sure am getting hungry!






So these are the scents I will be enjoying for the next few weeks.  I am so happy that I purchased from Crabby Candle Co.  I will make sure to add their link to the side bar so you may go and visit them.  My package shipped pretty quick and I am over all pretty happy with all of these wonderful scents.