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Tuesday, August 16, 2011
The other day I went to BBB and found out they had fall Yankee Candle scents an Halloween goodies. I was super excited!! I found the two pumpkin head guys; one holding a cage with a raven in it and the other is in a pumpkin car. I grabbed the one with the raven.

Now I had already seen him on the YC facebook page so I knew I had to get him because he would look great with my Boney Bunch pieces. I did notice a jar shade that hopefully will be there when I go back. It's white with black on the inside and has a haunted house, pumpkins, bats and etc on it, totally loved it but it was the two large jars for $30 or the shade...I picked the jars.
The two fragrances were Autumn Leaves and Harvest! I love them both soni was happy with my find! I really would like to see it again too when I go back...fall seems like a long season so I will need a couple jars to get me through. I noticed they had Kitchen Spice and Nature's Paintbrush as well, both are fabulous in my opinion. I will have a review of those soon just in case you aren't familiar with either scent. Well if you really like Halloween and/or the fall scents, check out BBB for Some great finds!!