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Saturday, June 30, 2012

IMG_1302Picture yourself walking on the beach, but instead of letting the ocean water run across your feet, you are up closer to the dunes.  The sweet smell of wild grasses growing fills the slightly salty ocean air.  This is what I think of when I have Dune Grass melting or burning. 

Yankee Candle’s website describes this scent as:

A fresh, green coastal breeze of bamboo leaf, bergamot and lemon verbena with hints of white orchid.

Now, not to be confused with Green Grass, this one has more of an ocean/beachy scent to it.  Even though it has bergamot and lemon verbena it’s not a super strong scent, it’s actually sweet and mild.  Excellent for summer days or nights where you just want to pretend for a moment you are walking on a white sandy beach, without smelling pure salt water or suntan lotion.  Relaxing.

This is actually discontinued but you can find it right now online for the SAS.  If you are interested in trying it out, you can’t be the price!  I stocked up on this in tart form.  Even though I live 10 minutes away from the beach, sometimes I just don’t have time to go there and having this scent melting in the office (AKA the candle room) I can relax, close my eyes and think of walking on the sand as the sun sets…ah summer.

Rating (0-5):StarStarStarStarStar
Throw: Medium
Worth It: Yes, if you want to try a grassy scent that doesn’t smell like fresh cut grass.

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MainStays – Key Lime Pie

Crisp Apple Strudel

Slatkin & Co.
Gingham Apple 14.5oz
Summer Berries 4oz
Pink Sangria 4oz
Paradise Daiquiri 14.5oz
White Palm 14.5oz
Ice Cream Shop 1.3oz

Friday, June 29, 2012


IMG_1211I placed an order with The Bathing Garden about a week ago.  I had heard such great things and I mean just look at them, they are so cute!  I love the embellishments that are added to the clamshells which are also filled to the rim with wax awesomeness!

I, of course, picked a scent called Lemon Tea Party to be apart of this purchase.  No surprise when I tell you it’s the first scent I picked to melt =). 

The website describes this scent as

The soothing scent of black tea blended with tart juicy lemon!
Break off a piece of this soy blended wax and place in your tart burner.

This was strong …right after I made the video about the purchase I couldn’t hold back.  I had to break a piece off and melt it right away.  I was in lemony tea heaven!  I only had one piece in…one piece!  I didn’t even give it time to sit for days to see if the scent would get stronger…..I couldn’t resist!!!  It smells like a freshly brewed cup of hot tea with a lemon wedge.  Amazing!  I felt like I should be drinking daintily from a antique-ish tea cup. Refreshing and relaxing without the caffeine!

Rating (0-5):StarStarStarStarStarRed heart

OH you better believe this one will be purchased many times!