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Friday, June 19, 2015
I don't know if I have ever really reviewed this scent.  No, it's not a new one but it is definitely a scent that I love very much.  Even before I had Miss C I always found this scent to be one of those scents that reminds me of a nursery or baby laundry.  A comforting scent which makes you feel snugly, safe and warm.

Yankee's description of this scent is "Wrapped in sweet dreams . . . a lullaby of clean citrus, luxurious vanilla and warm amber."  

 I get the amber and the slight sweetness of vanilla but most of all it reminds me of fresh laundry and that is where the clean citrus comes in to play.  I like to burn this after Miss C takes her bath.  It makes her baby fresh bathroom linger with extra cuteness.  When I walk by and smile because my thoughts are of her wrapped in her towel or snuggled in one of her baby blankets.
As far as the throw goes, I think it does a pretty bang up job.  I remember the first time I tried this scent, it was a votive and it filled an entire bedroom all by it's lonesome.
The only thing I am missing with this is the lack of Scenterpiece cup.  Something tells me I am out of luck with that though.
If you like fresh laundry scents then this one should already be in your collection.
Wednesday, June 17, 2015
It's been a while since I have posted a nails picture so I feel like I must show you the progress that they have made.
In September they were basically obliterated...yes that is the word I would like to use.  Destroyed!  Classroom furniture and nerves basically ripped them a new one.  The nubs were weak and pitiful.  I was sad because I wasn't going to be able to have some awesome welcome back to school mani.
Of course the picture I am showing you in comparison have been stained with color and are very messy.  However, they are nice and long again.  They are almost to the point of having to say they are too long for me to type correctly and I accidentally stab people with them...not like random people while I am grocery shopping, but like my hubs and myself (yes, I have stabbed myself..don't judge me!).  The hubs takes the good with the bad.  Stabbing not good....a good automatic back scratcher...awesome.  So what do I use to help my nails grow??  First, let me start many years ago (insert Wayne's World Dream Sequence noises)

I'm not here to try and sell products and no one is asking me to advertise their products.  Just tell you what works best for me.  My nails were always very and I mean VERY soft.  They peeled a lot too.  I just didn't think much about them.  I had acrylic nails put on several times like for prom and homecoming dances but they never lasted long enough for me to get them the next day like three nails would have popped right off.  Seriously I had to get my nails done the day of my wedding and by the end of the honeymoon they were completely off and left a nasty mess behind.  Sure I painted them the best I could but I sure wasn't going to pay someone to paint them for me and not only that they would file them so far down they would be painting nubs and trying to talk me into getting a full set of acrylics.  Needless to say, the nail to money ratio wouldn't have been a wise choice.
Then...I got pregnant.
You should all take prenatal vitamins.  I don't know what exactly is in there that makes your nails like mini Ginsu knives but wow!  I enjoyed them!  I know you can buy some hair and nail vitamins but I don't need my hair to grow!!  sigh.  Once the baby came I had to keep them trimmed because I didn't want to accidentally stab the babe.  I did keep them a nice length,

What do I use to keep my nails strong and long?  Well I have tried a number of things.  You will have to figure out what works best for you.
Now I use:

 Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream 

     ~ sweet almond oil
     ~ cocoa seed butter
     ~ vitamin E
     ~ sunflower oil
     ~ fresh lemon scent
this is the bee's knees (LOL sorry I had to)  I like this because I can purchase it just about anywhere (I don't have to ship it and if I run out and I just go to the local drug store or grocery store and buy more).

Orly Cuticle Oil
       ~ Argan oil
       ~ Jojoba oil
       ~ vitamin E
I picked this up at Sally's Beauty Supply.  They were having some sort of sale where I got it for free if I bought a couple of polishes.  I figured why not.  I do think it works well however, I don't care for the way it smells.  That's personal preference.

Nailtiques Formula 2
I use this for taking care of my peeling, soft nails.  They have always been this way.  It's not a good combo... because of them being so soft, it pulls the layers of the nail apart and peel.  Then the nail that is left is super flimsy.  I am not going to lie, it's expensive for how much you get and luckily they do make different sizes so if you want to try it out you don't have to get a large bottle.

Duri Rejuvacote
This is a nail growth system (one of many) that I have used and switch to every now and then.  this product is Duri's Rejuvacote which I can buy at my local Walmart.  This is a little less expensive than the larger Nailtiques bottle and OPI Nail Envy, but I don't count it out.  A lot of people use this product and I will most definitely keep it in with my nail routine supplies.

OPI Nail Envy
I have a love/hate relationship with OPI.  I love their colors however they don't love me in return.  It doesn't make what I put on underneath their lacquers; basecoat, strong adhesive basecoat, peel resistant's coming off within 12 hours.  I do love Nail Envy though.  I won this one from a giveaway on Instagram.  I like the fact this particular one dries matte so you don't even know that there is anything on your nail!

Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail Cream
 I have a really hard time finding creams that I can stand having on my hands.  Usually they are too greasy or they don't feel like they will ever be rubbed in.  This is not too bad and look it's made specifically for your hands and nails!  I try to put this on after I wash my hands.  Keeps my hands from getting all dried out from all the soap and water.

Even though I have enough lotion to last until who knows when, I have a particular one I love more than the rest.  If you want something that is non greasy and I mean as soon as you put it on it completely melts away into your skin, then you need to try LoLLIA!  I am sad to say I have just about used up all of mine (it was a small petite tube).  I have it in Calm.  My aunt gave it to me for either my birthday or perhaps after having Miss C, yes, she still spoils me with little gifts and things.  I loved it so much I just couldn't bring myself to using it all the time but the way it just immediately goes into my skin, amazing.

I did forget to show this to you:

This is my everyday cuticle oil by Beauty Secrets purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply.  Unlike the Orly one, I love the way these one smells.  It's not too much but a hint of coconut.  I like the fact that it is offered in this huge bottle.  I remember it being pretty inexpensive as well, like $4.

What types of products do you use for your nail care?

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