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Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Well this was a pleasant surprise.  I went to the SAS and found TF. Every once in a while I come across this candle and every single time I turn it down. I guess I was afraid it's going to be crazy sugary the point of blowing it out never to be lit again.  This time I went for it!  Here are my findings..  
According to Yankee Candle, Tutti-Fruitti is described as "Forever young . . . the happy candy aroma of a cherry, raspberry, strawberry and lemon whirly pop."
Tutti-Fruitti is a sugary scent for sure. I instantly get the same cherry scent from Cherry Lemonade and then the other fruity scents come in to play.  I hear it described as fruit punch often. I agree!  Just as fruit punch is a sugary mix of different fruit flavors. 
  I am drawn to this candle each time because of the beautiful label and the Cherry red wax. Each time I say no but I am so glad I took a chance this time around.  After burning one time I went online and bought three more. Although nothing has replaced my beloved Country Lemonade, I feel that this is a fabulous addition to my collection and will use it sparingly.  
Throw: 7
Category: Fruit
Behavior: A+. Flawless burn