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Friday, July 26, 2013
Here's the new fragrances:
Autumn Winds
Ginger Snow Angel
Blue Spruce
Peppermint Kiss
Snow Day
White Pumpkin
I will come back to update this post with scent descriptions!
I’m back!!!!  Here are the descriptions!
Autumn Winds: Spicy woody undertones marry sweetly with the unmistakable and nostalgic aroma of crunchy fallen leaves.
Peppermint Kiss: With touches of zingy peppermint, tingly citrus, sweet sugar and warm vanilla blending intoxicatingly, Peppermint Kiss is both bracing and unforgettable.
Blue Spruce: Like standing in a magnificent grove of towering evergreens in mid-winter, Blue Spruce yields heady, aromatic conifer notes in abundance.
Snow Day: Sparkling, airy and bright, Snow Day creates a magical outdoor ambience, recalling childhood memories of happily-chilled cheeks and deliciously unexpected freedom.
White Pumpkin: Creamy, rich and more than a bit mystical, this unique fragrance takes the essence of pumpkin in a sophisticated new direction.
Ginger Snow Angel: Whimsy and wonderful embrace in this delightfully cheerful, spicy bakery blend. Comforting ginger, clove, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg notes abound.
All of these descriptions are from the Kringle Candle Company’s website.  Go and check them out!!  Might as well figure out what you want to get for this upcoming fall/holiday! (I know I will be)
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