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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Strong. One of the these little sunshine tarts filled my master bathroom easily. Sweet apple...this is a flash back scent for me. I loved Country Apple when I was a teenager and look forward to using the real deal now. When I am not using it in the shower, I can still enjoy this beautiful scent by melting one of these dupes! The fresh combination of sweet red apples and blossoms is a perfect fragrance for any time of the year. It reminds me of the fall or the start or school. I can remember getting ready on the first day back...nervous but smelling wonderfully delicious. Or it could be springtime when the sweet fruity scent brighten up anyway. It is sweet and strong. It might not be a true apple scent but more of a perfume type scent...I don't care it nostalgic. A wonderfully created duplication. If you are looking for a dupe of CA then check out Shayz Scentz. Here's the link: Shayz Scentz

I feel like I didn't use up as much stuff this month:

Hand soaps:
Kitchen Lemon
Fresh Picked Strawberries

Pocket Bacs:
Fresh Picked Green Apple
Candy Corn

Shower Gel:
Travel size Be Enchanted

Rice Flower and Shea

Tempting Treats - Sugar Corn Pudding

Crabby Candle Company - Blackberry Tea

Yankee Candle - Fruit Fusion <3
Beach Party
Citrus Water

Kim's Tarts - Sugar Corn Pudding <3
White Zinfandel

Front Porch Candle Co. - Carrot Cake

Slatkin - Kitchen Spice <3
Our Own Candle Company - Apple Pie
Slatkin - White Palm

<3 indicates favorites which I recommend.