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Thursday, January 30, 2014
Yankee has come out with 5 new fragrances in a new collection call Exotic Escape.  Just the name alone makes me want to pack up my winter wardrobe and pull out the shorts, tanks, and flops.  Here's the run down:
Ocean Star:
According to Yankee, "Soothing and fresh . . the scent of peaceful, sun-kissed waters laced with aloe, citrus, and lotus blossom. Dive in!"

Citrus Tango:
Yankee describes this as "Time to shake things up with this lively, playful melody of sunny orange, lemon zest, and grapefruit."
I have to say just by the description I want it.  Sounds like something I would want a million tarts in. had me at citrus.

Luau Party:
Yankee's description of this fragrance is "Join the celebration . . .every day is a festival with the fun and fruity mix of orange fizz, sparkling peach, and vanilla ice."  
Sounds like a tropical drink.  I have only smelled this quickly at the store during the SAS but I couldn't tell what was what at the time. I was so excited about what I was getting. I even meant to put these in my basket and FORGOT!!!  I will, however, be grabbing this and it will be melted after Citrus Tango. 

Under The Palms:
Yankee's description is "Like cool, refreshing shade . . . a lush, green scent of sea grass, palm leaves, and island coconut."  I am going to try it. Not sure how this will be. I do enjoy yankee's coconut that they use and I do like to have green\ grass type scents every now and then. 

Exotic Bloom:
Yankee describes this scent as "Deep in the tropical night, the seductive perfume of island flora creates an air of mystery and romance."  I will have to sniff this before buying just because it's a floral. 
Over all I am excited for this line up. I am ready for a couple of spring scents's already in the mid 80's here so you can only imagine that mint and pine isn't quite working for me.