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Wednesday, August 10, 2011
 Sugar Corn Pudding is described on Kim's website as "This fragrance is very unique. This is one of my favorites! AWESOME scent!"  Okay so this doesn't really give you any clue what you are getting yourself into...but it's okay!  I will try my best to describe it to you using actual food/bakery scents.  First, the back story:  I have to say that I read about this one on facebook so many times and decided to give it a try.  Really the name doesn't really jump out at me, how could corn and sugar,  formed into a pudding even sound appealing.  I finally after much deliberation added one bag to my list. 

I popped the creamy brown tart into the warmer and after a few minutes I could smell the most delicious scent!  WOW!  All I could say over and over again was WOW!  How impressed I was with this tart. Now for the description: (Remember this is subjective and you might get something completely different from this)  Sweet creamy corn baked goods like a sweet corn bread meets a caramelized top toasted under the broiler.  Not over powering with any one scent; a perfect blend!  The corn is mixed in so much that I do not really get any hint of it but I really don't mind since I love this scent I wouldn't change it at all!  My husband, whom I love dearly, has all of three labels for scents.....Baking, Maple Syrup, and Fruit. When I had this tart going I was so worried he wasn't going to like it, but I wanted to get his reaction to it.  He walked into the room and was wondering what I was cooking that smelled good!  I caught him right there! 
 I have been looking for a bakery scent that wasn't going to go overboard with clove, cinnamon, and some sort of maple/caramel mixed in. I can't believe I went as long as I did without trying this fragrance.  If you are planning an order from Kim's please put this one on the list and give it a try.  You can't go wrong with it costing as little as it does and I know you will enjoy it, or if you aren't a foodie/bakery person you might know someone who would like it.   This scent can be used year round; if you want to just fill your house or just your kitchen with yummy bakery goodness.

Overall Rating: 5 (a must have)
Throw: Strong
Size/Type: Tart
Category: Bakery
Buy Again: YES!!
If you are interested in ordering from Kim's Tart Candles you can visit her website --> Kim's Tart Candles