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Sunday, April 15, 2012


This was my first order from Can Do Candles and I am very happy! I had heard about this vendor from some of the YouTubers and thought I might as well place a small order to try them out. Here is the link to the website –> Can Do Candles

keylimepie Key Lime Pie =\=
Just like the name, tangy key limes with a yummy graham cracker crust.
mimishouse Mimi’s House =\=
Apples, spices and potpourri combine to make this scent. The website says it’s hard to describe but it sure does smell strong (just the way I like ‘em!)
countryapple Country Apple =\=
A very nice classic apple scent. Sweet like you were walking thru an orchard. I was hoping for this one to smell like Country Apple from Bath and Body Works but it’s not, however it’s a lovely scent!
piecrust Pie Crust =\=
This is an amazing bakery scent.  There is something about a pie crust scent that really something I enjoy.  I have been on a bakery kick lately and pie crust seems to be the one I keep getting.  Must be something to do with the sweetness and baked notes that are making these types of scents enjoyable. 
fruitloops Fruit Loops =\=
Just like the real thing and if you have read this blog or watched my videos you will know I love this scent.  Citrusy sweetness just the perfect scent for a wake me up
spicyapplesandpeaches Spicy Apples & Peaches =\=
Spicy apples drenched in all the spicy goodness with a touch of sweet peaches. This would make an awesome fall/winter scent. I will most definitely order more of this scent when that time comes back around.
lisaslemonbars Lisa’s Lemon Bars =\=
Delicious sweet lemon bars…smells like the real deal! Sweet and tangy with that wonderful bakery note. This is one that will permanently be on my order list.
lemonwedges Lemon Wedges =\=
Sour and sweet I love this scent. There is nothing like a nice clean fresh lemon smell (I know some of you are making a gagging face while reading). Reminds me of making fresh squeezed lemonade.
lemonpoundcake Lemon Pound Cake =\=
Delish! I can’t wait to try this sweet lemon glazed pound cake tart! Sweet lemon glaze and a buttery heavy pound cake is a desert that I could eat anytime. This one and the Lemon Bars one is at the top of my list! Yum!
lessiesblueberriesandcream Blueberries & Cream =\=
fresh picked blueberries floating around in delicious cream. what’s not to like! I can’t wait to see how strong this scent is and if it keeps the same scent once it’s warmed up.
freshglazeddonuts Fresh Glazed Donuts =\=
Sweet with hints of fried dough…where can you go wrong! I hope the throw is strong and it keeps it’s donut like qualities. Yum!
leather Leather =\=
I can’t believe how realistic this is…I mean it.  I don’t usually buy scents like this but it’s just like sitting in a leather upholstered car.
coconutlimeverbena Coconut Lime Verbena =\=
Although I’m not too big of a coconut fan, I do like it every once and a while and this scent mixes wonderful tangy limes with the fresh coconut. Wonderful take on a fantastic scent.
citruszinger Citrus Zinger =\=
Smells like a citrusy light bakery scent. Perhaps it supposed to be like a sponge cake. Sounds good to me, citrus and bakery…the best of both words Smile.