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Wednesday, August 13, 2014
When I first started teaching I bought a letter organizer from Office Max.  I used it as their mailboxes ( fill their slot with graded work, newsletters and other things to be sent home).  Friday I would take all of the stuff out and send it home in a folder. The folder would come back emptied and signed acknowledging that parents had gotten the graded work. Repeat.  
After a few years of moving from classroom to classroom, the material that covered the sides started to pull away from the unit.  I wasn't teaching a grade because I was now part of the activity rotation as the computer teacher. Someone said they wished they could have it...of course knowing it was going to a good home, I decided to part ways with it. 
Now back in the classroom, I thought I would try just filing my stuff in a crate with hanging folders. Maybe my fingers are just so fast or clumsy, the stinky hanging folders would get caught up. I was fed up. Yes I know I took up less space, but I felt as if I wanted to throw it in the trash each week.  
I purchased a couple of cardboard letter sorters just to finish the year.  Of course they were close to $15 a piece and it only had eights slots.  At the of the year I made a vow to myself....I will save my money (yes cut back on nail polish and wax) so I could buy a new sorter.  I didn't want a wooden one due to the fact the laminate started peeling off my first, no I wanted a metal one.  Hardcore steel baby!  So this is what it turned out to be:

It is huge!!!  When I ordered it on Amazon it said it would hold a ream of paper in each slot. Well I do believe it is able to hold more since the bottom left slot has a ream of paper in it and you can see there is more space!  
I am in love with it.  I don't have to have anything else out to hold paper.  This has enough space for all of my papers or copies for the week ahead, my clipboard sheets (my classroom management), while you were gone sheets, and extra slots I put my card stock and colored copy paper (and still had space left). 
It was $250 but totally worth every penny!