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Saturday, August 6, 2011
Yankee Candle had their preview party for their Halloween stuff today.  It was called the After Life Party and it was super cute!  I picked up a couple of things and it's always a plus when you have coupons! So here's the haul:

I got Bonesy the Dog.  Anyone who loves puppies would love this piece.  He's so cute!!  I wasn't sure just from his picture on the internet but as soon as I walked into the store this morning I fell in love!  I snatched him up right away since he was a first or only pick for some and I knew they were of limited supply. I actually wanted to pick up another one but I figured I better not get greedy plus I had others I had to get..I love him and he will be my favorite Halloween piece for years to come.

The next piece I picked up was Chainsaw!  I loved this one too when I looked at the pictures online.  My picture doesn't show the scared look on the pumpkin's face; worried that he is going to be the victim of a pumpkin carver...using a chainsaw! 
 This year, the preview party flyer had the Grim Reaper on it.  Instantly I knew I had to have something that was Grimmy.  I actually saw several pieces: tart warmer, votive holder, shelf sitter, and ornaments.  This one is labelled Time's Up.  Good ol' Grimmy is waiting by the clock to go and pick up his next victim.  Of course when your in the business of collecting the dead, you definitely have some job security.  He's the perfect piece for my Halloween table.
 Next, I bought something that wasn't part of the Boney Bunch Collection.  This is actually under the Skeleton Crew Collection and they are tea light holders.  Under each glass bottle is a little holder for a tea light...once you put the bottles back over the light they have an errie purple-ish tint.  It almost reminds me of a black light.  I thought these would be great in the kitchen since they have drink labels on the front; Skeletini, Spider Sting Cider, Wicked Remedy.  Very cute!
The last bit of my haul, I grabbed an illuma-lid and received a free small jar of Witches' Brew (patchouli) when I checked out.  Let's start with the lid.  Spiders....I'm not a fan at all but I couldn't pass it up!  It's a web on top with a dangling spider.  I have a feeling I might just flip out each time I see it when I turn on a light in the kitchen but it's okay....totally worth it!  Once I made it to the counter, I received the last free jar of the Witches' Brew.  I am not a patchouli fan but the label is cute so I might just keep it as a decoration instead of actually burning it. 
Now, I know it seems like I didn't get many candles, I actually did!  Yankee is having a 2 for $12 tea light special!  I bought 4 boxes of tea lights for $24!!  Grapevine & Oak (2 boxes), Harvest, and Candy Corn!  I thought I would hold off on getting any jar candles....seeing how Halloween is still a frightfully long way aways from when the Boney's preview party.  I hope to get a couple jars of Pumpkin Patch.  It's the swirl candle made with Harvest and Spiced Pumpkin....<3!!  It's everything I think of for a fall/Halloween scent!  Other than that I think I'll be ready for the Samp and TartPolooza and the winter/Christmas holiday collections.
Enjoy and Happy Burning!!
Thursday, August 4, 2011
Absolutely amazing!! First order from Candles by Victoria came today. I'm in love with a few scent shots but I got a couple that I ordered based of reviews and I just don't think they are my kind of scent....but who knows!? I will try them at any rate. Got my next list made and for Kim's tarts as well. Happy Burning!!


Monday, August 1, 2011
Apple Crumble is a new bakery scent that was created by Slatkin & Co. and sold at Bath and Body Works.  I do believe this is one of the contest winners from the Best Recipes contest.  The scent description from the Bath and Body Works website and it's also printed on the bottom the jar is "Baked Granny Smith and McIntosh Apples topped with vanilla crumble, cinnamon and nutmeg."
Okay before I start giving a review I do want to let you know that I don't actually light these candles.  I feel with how small they are I won't get a true idea of what the larger candles will provide.  I always put them in the freeze for just a few minutes so they will pop out of the plastic container.  Once they are out, I let them get back to room temperature before I put them into a tart burner/wax melter.  It will give off tons of fragrance!  When I am close to this candle I can smell the tart and sweet apples however when I sat across the room I could really get the full blend of all the notes.  I was worried at first because I could really only smell tart apples with hnts of vanilla.  It was almost as if it was sour smelling and I think the green tart apples (Granny Smiths) really came out more than the McIntosh. 
Sometimes I loved it and other times it was too much and I had to walk away from it.  I don't think I will be purchasing this in a larger candle but it was nice to try.  If you really like tart Granny Smith apples with hints of spice and vanilla then you would enjoy this candle. 
Rating: 3.5
Throw: Strong
Size/Type: 1.6oz Preview Candle
Category: Food
By Again: No, Not Sure
 Apple Crumble is available in Wallflowers, Single Bulb Wallflowers, Home Fragrance Oil, 1.6 oz, 4 oz, 14.5 oz Candles  If you would like to try out Apple Crumble, please visit your local Bath and Body Works store or go to their website ---> Bath and Body Works