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Saturday, January 10, 2015
So it's after the holidays and I have been surfing the two companies (Yankee and B&BW) to see what deals they've been having. I already placed an order with B&BW for some soaps and a few candles. Yankee, however, I soon as they had a certain amount for 5 or 6. This sale it's 5 for $60.  I picked up some regular candles and ... a Scenterpiece!  Yay!  I am super excited to try out this mess free interchangeable system. I have been putting it off just because I really didn't need to get sucked in to another warmer.  But I love the idea of the ice to help pop out the wax, no left over fragrance to mix in with another. So many reasons. I am just worried that they will discontinue it. But it's a chance I am willing to take. 
I was at the grocery store...feeling a little blue. I was told I was going to need surgery and was basically freaking out.  I thought why not swing by the nail polish...that will cheer me up!  

Cute As A Button is pink and at times looks coral.  This bright creamy color called to me from the shelf. Now, Essie polish never really stays on my nails but it just so happened to stay on for about four days. I was really satisfied with it!  
Might be giving Essie more opportunities to impress me :)