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Tuesday, June 5, 2012
IMG_1063The other day I decided to go ahead and burn one of my Kitchen Canisters from Kringle.  I have been putting it off because I wanted to spend the day burning it, with the occasional blow out to trim the wick, enjoying the scent and making sure I was good and ready to write a review.  Don’t worry YouTubers I will make a video for this as well.Winking 
The description on the website states “ the unmistakable scent of tropical coconut married with a rich, buttery cookie”.  I’m not a big fan of coconut, as I have mentioned before, but something must have made me add this to the cart.  When I received my order I was worried about this actually.  I popped the lid off and WOW it about knocked me back!  Super sweet coconut filled the air and I was so worried I had a tumbler full of tropical drink mix.  I figured I would go ahead and light to see what it actually produced.  I was surprised!
A very mild, lovely coconut smell filled most of my home. I haven’t gotten much of the buttery cookie note.  I have only had this candle burning for about 8 hours so it might come out as the candle burns down.  It smells like the meat portion of the coconut.  Not overly tropical, more of a baking coconut, delicious.  I feel that I could burn this scent all year.
If you are looking for a bakery type of coconut then you might want to look into this scent.  Enjoy!