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Monday, September 5, 2011

Want a yummy pumpkin without all the spice from nutmeg, cinnamon and clove? Want a warm inviting scent throughout your home? Did another company's Pumpkin Buttercream fail to please? Look no further! My bakery lovin' friends the search is over!!

pumpkinIt’s that time of year when all the candle/wax loving people try and find the best fall scent.  I have tried another company’s Pumpkin Buttercream and it was, well, too much my for taste.  sometimes the simple things work best so I took a chance with Front Porch Candle Co.’s Pumpkin Buttercream.  Words can’t express how perfect this is!!  I was happy when I read on Facebook that FP had a fantastic PB.  I wrote it down and made to sure to add it to my first order.  Un-real.  UN-REAL!  It’s sweet instead of spicy and creamy.  It’s like taking my version of pumpkin pie (which does have all the spicy stuff in it) and mixing it with thick fluffy creamy buttercream frosting.  All it needs is a cake to go on and a hot cup of coffee to wash it down with….ahh.  Being a foodie/bakery person I was hesitant to burn this in the bedroom since I didn’t want it to over power the room to where I couldn’t walk in.  So happy I did though.  It was the only warmer in the house that wasn’t being used.  My room had every aspect of fall!  I actually moved my computer and turned on my tv show in there just so I could enjoy it!

  Let’s just say I will be ordering more of this seeing how it’s only September 5th!  If you are looking for a great pumpkin scent, give this a try!  Well balanced, has a nice strong throw and is the ideal fall scent.