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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I thought I would give a little insight to what I do when I get tarts or melts in the mail.  I usually sort my tarts/melts by vendor so if I order from Front Porch then they all will go in one drawer in the candle closet.

After I give them a day or two to rest from their long travels I pull them all back out.  If they are in a cup like a Candles by Victoria scent shot, then I pop it open, lay the shot on the lid and slice it into quarters.  Once I’m finished I snap the bottom over the shot and snap it to the lid.  Easy cutting and I’m not wasting a crumb!

Here is an example of when I received my Front Porch order:


The knife is my candle knife and is no longer used on food.  It sits in the candle closet with everything else.  I have a cutting board too but when they have the lids on them I don’t bother with it.  If it’s a sold in a bag like Front Porch grubby tarts and tarts from Kim’s, I just slice them up on the cutting board and either put them back into the bag they came in or I place all the chopped up pieces in a ziploc bag. 

Although I get more for my money by doing this (not just throwing the whole tart in the warmer for two days and then throwing it out) I find it’s harder to get the wax out when I finished.  It’s thin and doesn’t just fall out every time.  Sometimes I have to score the tart while it’s in the bowl and that will help some of the wax break away and then I can get the rest to come out.


I hope this was a helpful.  I just hate wasting wax, especially when it’s expensive.  I want to get all the bang for my buck!