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Monday, September 5, 2011

I haven’t really talked about Scentsy that much.  Truth be told I only have one warmer and well I think it’s a love it/ hate it kind of thing.  I like it but haven’t ordered enough goodies to really give an opinion.  I like the fact I can use the warmer like a night light.  the products are reasonably priced and they have a decent selection of scents.  When it was shipped, the Scentsy Bars were wrapped in an ice pack and weren’t soft when they were delivered.  They were sitting outside all day while I was at work and this was during the summer (end of July/beginning of August).  The order was processed pretty quick and I received an email from my consultant letting me know that my order would arrive the next day.  This is my warmer:

20110825_16  It’s a cupcake!  The only thing that I don’t like about this warmer is that it’s a cupcake!  It’s very cute however sometimes I want something not so sweet looking!  So I have to admit maybe I needed to rethink my warmer choice.  Anyway I am going to make another purchase the next time I get paid and I think I’m going to add another warmer to the list.  Another turn off for the Scentsy warmer, it’s picky!  You can only melt certain wax in it.  I believe they must be soy based or palm.  Don’t know but I do know that it does not get hot enough for a Yankee Tart. 

If you look over the minor things you can be a proud Scentsy owner!  Just like anything else, it has it’s pros and cons.  I will order more Scentsy bars at least.  I really enjoy their scents and I did get some that were part of the Bring Back My Bar sale.  That’s when they had the scents that were discontinued available for purchase.  I bought two lemon scents which I was happy with one of them.  The other I didn’t really smell anything so I might have to add another block to the warmer and see how it turns out.

If you use a Scentsy, please share what products you have purchased.  Since I’m pretty new I haven’t been able to really review any scents or any of the wall warmers.