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Thursday, September 8, 2011

We have all had that poor candle that has had issues. a drowning wick or wicks or perhaps it’s tunneling.  Don’t worry.  More than likely you can save the candle.  If I buy a jar candle from Yankee Candle I always make sure I have my Illuma-lids around to cover the top.  It is supposed to prevent drafts from messing with the flame.  If your flame is flickering and dancing all about it might not be a good place for your candle to be sitting.  Here are some of my Illuma-lids:



This one is from McCall’s candles.  They were a dollar when I purchased them and I got 5.  They fit however they will not lift off easily but I use something to get it off the top of the jar.  It does the job, a nice deep wax pool!


Can’t spend money on these?  You don’t buy jars, you only purchase tumblers?  It’s okay.  You can wrap your candle in foil.  Here is my Pumpkin Brulee and my Pumpkin Patch swirl.  The Pumpkin Patch is wrapped on the top and it has an Illuma-lid.


I know it doesn’t look pretty but it works.  Once you get the wax pool all the way to the glass, you can remove the foil if you want to.  I normally will keep it for a couple of burns before taking it off.

Here is Pumpkin Brulee.  It’s a tumber and the Illuma-lids do not fit on it.  20110908_6720110908_48

I just wrap it where the heat needs to be distributed. You can see how well the wax is melted all the way to the glass.  Before I light the candle I normally would trim my wicks, however if the candle is tunneling and if I cut the to the recommended height, it might drown once it gets the wax to completely melt. 

Now, it looks like it’s drowning and I have had this problem with this candle. I have taken some of the wax out and put it into a ramekin. When I am ready I just put the ramekin on the tart warmer. **an electric tart warmer that is two pieces..I just place it on the warming plate. I figured a ramekin is made to withstand heat from an oven so it should be able to handle a warming plate.** 

How do I get the wax out?  Well I typically blow out the candle and wait until it gets a little cooler.  I like to be able to scoop the wax out without worrying if it’s going to get all over the table or on me.  When it is soft, I get my tools out:  A spreader from an old flatware set that I had.  I would use a spoon but I don’t always take out wax, actually most of the time I do not have to contend with wax removal.  If my candle has started to tunnel and I will use the spreader to fold or pull the wax away from the glass so it melts with the rest of the wax and wrap some foil around it for good measure.  It’s more like a multipurpose tool.


I added the wick trimmers to the picture so you can see I have two different types.  I like the smaller silver pair.  I like how the handles are shaped and it has a little wick clippings holder so it won’t fall into your candle.  It’s thick on the bottom so you could sit it down on the candle, trim the wick and it would be the perfect size height.  I believe Yankee candles are to have a 1/8 of an inch wick. 

I don’t always have to work on my candles.  However, for the price that I pay for them I want to make sure that I use as much of the wax as possible.  When you get to 1/2 of an inch left you are supposed to discard the candle (Yankee’s directions, others may vary).  I never throw it out!  I place it in the freezer for a bit, to pull the wax away from the glass.  I score the wax so it will break apart and I bag the left overs for tarts!  I pay a lot for my candles and want to use every last bit!

The Sock Method:
I have heard that some people use a sock and wrap it around the candle instead of foil.  I have tried this and I couldn’t get a full wax pool.  I have seen several pictures of candles that have beautiful wax pools that are wrapped in socks and crocheted tubes that slide over the candle.  You can try it out.  Let me know if yours works better for you! 

I hope this helps someone.  Please see the Tips/Help category if you need to know more about tunneling or drowning.