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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SAS lootI went out and about yesterday to Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works (oh and Marshall’s too).  It was a crazy mad house in BBW but I got some good deals (even though the flyer said the SAS was on the 27th most of it was already marked down).  I went to the bigger of the two stores since I go to the smaller one all the time I thought it would be best with all the people trying to partake in the SAS.  It was a smart move.  Anyways, here’s the loot!

tpwallTwisted Peppermint=\= I am glad I grabbed these!  Since they didn’t sell the body care for very long, I figured this would be good to have in the house for the remainder of winter.



mfwallMarshmallow Fireside=\= Love this scent!!  I bought two boxes, if I like it I will get some more.  I haven’t tried it in the wallflower form yet.  I wish they had the candle since I really enjoyed this…just enough sweet and smoky, truly a marshmallow fireside scent.  I think Slatkin’s fireside is the most authentic one out there.


scwallCinnamon Stick=\= It smells like the name.  I use this in my kitchen in one of the duo holders.  Usually one Cinnamon Stick and one Cinnamon and Clove Buds.





ccbwallCinnamon and Clove Buds=\= I love my kitchen to smell like I baked! LOL!!  I think since cinnamon is used in just about everything I make (sweet wise) it’s a nice way to have those scents linger.  Even though Lemon is my number one, during holidays cinnamon rules the kitchen.



swlotionSecret Wonderland=\= My best friend gave Secret Wonderland to me last year for a Christmas gift and I fell in love.  Before that I was strictly a Country Apple/Sweet Pea kind of girl.  Obviously my tastes have change a little.  These were $3 each. Wow!



dklotionDark Kiss=\= I wasn’t sure about Dark Kiss at first.  I had heard of this from Ellie – Pepper19882007 and thought I would give it a try.  I have to say I get a lot of compliments while wearing this fragrance.  Amazing!



cllotionCharmed Life=\= Can’t beat 75% off!  I bought these for like $2.62!  It’s just an okay fragrance but for so cheap why not keep it around in the guest bath or take the lotion and spray to work if I need to….the possibilities are endless!



mfcandleMarshmallow Fireside=\= Buy a 1.6oz candle and get a glass hurricane with it for $2!  Love getting things for free. 






Twisted Peppermint=\= Scentportables are a great way to freshen up your car!  I love these vs. Yankee’s car jars and I haven’t had any problems with leaking disks or anything.  I know I have heard YC’s leaking and ruining the interior of cars.  Yum in one of my favorite scent!



ccb candleCinnamon and Clove Buds=\= You can’t beat 50% off the candles.  I think Slatkin’s give off a great throw!  This is great during my baking for the holidays.




spice candleSpice=\= This kind of reminds me of the one above, but its got a holiday spice hint to it.  Kind of red hots meets clove buds.  So nice!





vanilla bean noel soapVanilla Bean Noel =\= I love this in a hand soap.  I think it’s a great soap for work, where you aren’t sure what others like. 




I will have the other part, Yankee Candle, soon.