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Monday, July 27, 2015
I recently bought some plates from Bundle Monster which included this plate, the BM-XL02.  This was the first purchase I made from BM and I have to say I am really impressed!  I placed my order and about two hours later realized I ordered two of the same plate.  I frantically sent an email to their customer support regarding the issue and asked if I could switch a plate for a different plate.  I didn't hear back from them however when the package arrived I was truly happy that the switch had been made.  Super excited!
Now the polish I used for this was Funky Fingers Dark Knight, which is now my favorite black polish to use for stamping.  It's super cheap (3 for $5 at Five Below) and it is nice and opaque.  The white polish (Gesso) is a really great one coat white to use as a base coat. If it would behave it would be an amazing white stamping polish but it is super think will work if I thin it out.

Now, on to the stamping!  Here's the plate: 

I like to buy the plates that are meant for long nails (hence it being called an XL plate) because I feel I get better coverage with the stamp,   Smaller plates I feel I have to line the image up and nine times out of ten I miss it by just a bit and have to redo the design.  Pain in my rear.  So we are looking at 12 different designs and have stamped them on a double sided stamper which I bought from Fancy Gloss but you can find them anywhere.  There is just something about the white squishy stamping pad that makes the stamp jump out at you.  I don't get the same feeling with the Creative Shop stamper which actually is best for me because it's HUGE!  I feel that since the CS isn't opaque white like the stamper you will see I used for the samples, it just doesn't really stand out. You can find those here: Color4Nails or LLarowe (I'm sure there are other places out there).

I really love the way this shape came out.  The polish really helped pick up on the small details in this pattern.  Of course I have some mess from another design but that's not a big deal.  Use some tape or even your finger to get rid of any unwanted stuff.  I should be more careful with the amount of polish I am using while doing this next time.

This design is one of my favorites!  It really is mesmerizing.  It picked up easily and it's nice and big (that's what she said) so I can use any of the stamped area for my nail.  I like having choices especially if I am not able to get the full image.  If I missed the corner on the pick up there is plenty of extra wiggle room.

Definitely a good pattern for reverse stamping.

This snowflake/flowery pattern is a nice solid stamp,  I would totally like to use this over a gradient.  It was easy to pick up and I can see a few spots where it didn't quite get it but as I mentioned before this is a large stamp so I think it will be safe to use anyway.

Always nice to have a standard lattice-ish type pattern.  This was also an easy pattern to pick up on the stamper.  I love how this looks and I think I might try it with some reverse stamping in a alternating color pattern.

I was really excited to try this design out!  It came out GREAT!  Nice opaque black and no empty spots to be seen.  Amazing!  It was also an easy design to pick up.

This is the opposite to the lattice-ish design I talked about before.  This was AWESOME! I love this ...I don't know I would like to use this one yet but the coverage is amazing!

Crazy circle chains....not my favorite but it would be pretty cool I guess for a reverse stamp.  Anyway it did come out pretty clean and clear.

This intricate design was a little bit tricky to pick up.  I had to re-stamp it several times.  It didn't want to behave but I eventually got it.  I would love to use this for reverse stamping or whatever else my imagination comes up with!

 I can't tell if this actually picked up correctly just because this is some tiny crap to pick up.  It plays tricks on my eyes so it's hard to see if it's right or not.  However, the way it shows on my nail when I tried it out ...amazing.  Funny how something so simple could be so awesome!

This is one of the designs I don't know if I like.  I will have to try it out to see.  I picked up okay problems.  I see a few areas that are missing some of the circle but I am sure it would have turned out better a second time.

Love love love this design.I can't wait to use this one.  Picked up easily.  Nice and smooth and the whole design was up without any issues.

This design, as you can tell, was a pain in the buttocks!!  It did not want to behave what so ever.  I had to re stamp it like 5 times and it still didn't pick every bit of it up.

I overall love this plate and am super happy now that it is in my collection!