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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I figured since I have a lot of polishes and I love to stamp I would pick a couple polishes and show which works best.  This entry has three polishes: Dark Knight by Funky Fingers, Black Creme by Wet N Wild, and Black On Black by Sinful Colors.  Now, I do own some Mundo De Unas polishes and a few actual stamping polishes. I didn't want to bring them out because I want to show you some inexpensive alternatives.  You'll need to try them out and see what works best for you.

 First up, Sinful Colors Black on Black 103.  This is your standard black by this company.  It has a pretty good formula for a regular manicure.  It's a thin polish so I would say it is the most opaque polish I have used for stamping but if you are in a pinch and need something to stamp with, it will totally work.  I'm not sure if you will be able to see anything under the black (if you have something like a gradient on your nails as a base coat).  Perhaps if you are planning on doing a reverse stamping thing it will work just fine.
To the left, you will see a sample of a stamp on white paper.  This is super thin when you scrape the plate but it's still there so don't stop...proceed because believe it or not it will pick up on your stamper. 

Next, I am sharing Funky Fingers Dark Knight.  I bought this polish from Five Below.  It's by the same company that makes Color Club and Fresh Paint which is also sold at Five Below.  This is my favorite polish to stamp with since it is super opaque. You have to work kind of fast because it will start to dry on the plate as soon as you scrape.  If you try to scrape over it more than once it won't pick up on the stamper.     This does a great job with the really intricate designs.  It helps since it is so dark everything really pops.  Go.  Go Now...seriously go now and get this polish.  Seriously I can buy 3 of these for $5.  That makes these like a $1.67 a bottle.  As you can see, it's a beautiful dark black.  OoOoO.  I will keep buying it as long as they make it.

Last up is Wet N Wild's Black Creme from the Wild Shine line.  The price tag is right around what I would want to spend...$0.99 and you can find it at drug stores which is very convenient.  If I didn't have a Five Below in my area (which mine JUST opened about two weeks ago) I am sure this would be the polish I would use for stamping.  This is the old bottle (just in case you were heading out to find this).  It works just fine and the formula is thin and smooth.  When you scrape the plate, it almost looks like it disappears but no worries it's still there however, you will need to be careful...this polish seems to be squishy and it will come out of the design (as you can see on the example).  It isn't as opaque as the Funky Fingers but it is dark enough.  I think with some practice this would be a suitable stamping polish.

Here are the three polishes together so you can actually see the differences between them.  Funky Fingers is obviously my favorite and then Wet N Wild would be my second.  For 2 bucks I think I rather buy two bottles of the other polishes instead of the Sinful Colors.  If you have a favorite polish that you like to stamp with please leave a comment down below.  I am always looking for new polishes to try.