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Friday, January 6, 2012

I figured since all of these sales were taking place I should check out the PartyLite page to see if they had anything…and they did. 75% off of their fall and winter stuff!! I was so excited to see some of the accessories that I wanted to get in October! Here’s my loot..or my purchase!

iwsnowman2Icy Warmer =\=
He’s so cute!  His little hat is the actual bowl for the wax.  I have seen other home fragrance reviewers talk about this little guy and couldn’t resist!

Kitty & Katty =\=
These two are certainly a pair!  Even though they are sold separately, Kitty and Katty make a great addition to any Halloween décor!  kk02Originally $15 a piece, I snatched these two up for $5 a piece.  I can’t believe they were still available after all this time.  They hold tea lights on their base which gives off just amount of light to really show off how cute they are to anyone walking by.


Snowflake Fragrance Warmer =\=
This tea light warmer can warm oils, Scent Plus Melts, and Aroma Melts.  It’s so beautiful in a dark room once its been lit.


Prancing Reindeer Tea light holder =\=
This is a beautiful rustic looking set of reindeer!  It can hold a regular tea light, a large tea light (which you can find at some stores like Ikea).  You might be able to put a small YC jar or 4oz Slatkin on it.
Here’s another picture of the reindeer but with the flash on.  I wanted you to get a better idea as to what they looked like.



I picked up some Scent Plus Melts to use in my Fragrance Warmer and Icy Warmer.  Here are the different fragrances I picked up on sale!


peppermint snow


Peppermint Snow

peppermint snow color





spiced cider


Spiced Cider

spiced cider color





sugar plum fairies


Sugar Plum Fairies

sugar plum fairies color





clementine and clove


Clementine and Clove

clementine and clove color





I will do a review on these scents after I get a chance to melt them.  Over all I am quite happy with my purchase from PartyLite and will definitely order again!  I really like the fact that there accessories seem a bit more universal compared to the competition. 

Enjoy your weekend!