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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wow what a crazy Thanksgiving weekend this has been!  I had cooked for two days straight, ate my weight in turkey and baked goods, nephew sat and now my weekend is over!  I didn’t forget about Black Friday!  I wanted to share what I picked up at Midnight.

Walmart =\=
Okay needless to say I will NOT go to Walmart again for anything on Black Friday.  The lines had already formed for the goodies and there was no way the 25 they had were going to last when I got up to the front of the line.  So it was a waste, however they were selling stuff at 10.  My sister and I were not expecting to get any games for the wii or ds since there was a line and a fight ensued once they let the ribbon down.  Yikes!  I did pick up a few board games for the little one…he loves to play.

Target =\=
After we left walmart in record time, we headed on over to Target which was more civilized.  We waited in a line and my sister was falling asleep.  I was making the game plan, where everything was, who was grabbing what, with a cart and without.    Thank goodness for smartphones!  iPhone never lets me down!  I downloaded the map and was able to tell sis where to go and she was going to take the cart.  I ran through the clothes to get to the video games while she went and got the scooters and a tv.  I grabbed so much stuff and was able to knock a lot off the list.  I really was looking at a new camera for myself but I had to remind myself that it’s the giving season and the camera can wait.  =) It was a mad house but at least people weren’t fighting.  I helped a few people while I was standing near the video games looking for DSi bundle/case/charger/stylus.  Poor seniors/grandparents trying to figure out Pokémon games, they would have been there a long time trying to find what they wanted.  Overall, I think we did a great job and We snagged a soda on the way out and laughed the whole way home.

I didn’t get out on Friday, I wanted a B&BW VIP bag but I was just too tired to go and I’m sure they are sold out.  I will check this week when I get paid.  I have some coupons that need to be used and Christmas gifts I need to pick up.  Perhaps some small lotions for more YouTube giveaways.  I did, however, order 5 candles online: 3 Marshmallow Peppermint, 1 Fireside, and 1 Fresh Balsam.  I don’t know if they will have another 2 for $20 before the holidays so I thought I would get a few more.  If they do, it won’t be a bad thing by any means.

I am going to be on a Yankee Candle ban for right now.  I need to buy some gifts and save up for Semi annual Sales =). 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!