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Sunday, September 18, 2011
I know some Slatkin owners have been troubled with wick issues. I have been very lucky to have great wicks. They haven’t moved around, they burn clean, and I have had little to no drowning issues.
I know I have already written about drowning wicks and how to fix a tunneling candle. However, Slatkin’s are a bit different. I haven’t had to dig out any wax in one of my three wick candles. I actually had my Cinnamon Sugared Donut going last night and this morning I pulled off the bloomed wick and well I pulled off more than I should have so it was tiny!
No worries!! I lit the candle and quickly had a nice wax pool, however, my tiny wick was lit just not showing a full size flame. I just take a paper towel and roll it up several times.
When I roll it up I don’t keep it round I flatten it so it won’t be round and stick out. I don’t want it to catch on fire. ** Please note the candle doesn’t have to stay lit in order to soak up some wax. If you rather blow it out, go for it.**
I dip the ends of the paper towel in the candle and let it soak up some of the melted wax. You’ll have to excuse my photo, I took it after I fixed the candle. However I want you to be able to see what I do. The flame that was closest to me was hardly lit. I went in near that one since it was so small. If you are afraid of fire and worry that you might light your house up in flames, (once again I say) please blow out your candle first. Since the wick was so short I didn’t bother.
As soon as the flame becomes a little bigger, I take the paper towel out and throw it out. Sometimes I have to flip the paper towel over to get more wax. I keep my hands on the paper towel at all times, since I’m not sticking the flatten roll all the way down where it’s touching the solid wax at the bottom. I don’t intend on saving the wax that is sucked up in the paper towel since there isn’t much of it.
You can see how nice the candle looks now. There isn’t a lot of wax build up around the sides, it doesn’t look like I have messed with it at all. That’s the way I like it ^.^!
I only use this method if I have a wax pool but the wicks are barely staying lit. If they are tunneling, then I would have to foil or dig some wax out. I really haven’t had that issue with a Slatkin though.