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Monday, July 25, 2011
One of the scents I thought I would try, and it was a last minute decision was Island Heat. I have read the description several times, do I want it or not....well I finally added it to my cart. Lately I have been ordering fall scents so I can find a few that I like but summer isn't over yet and I don't want to melt fall scents in the house full time in the late summer. Island Heat from Kim's Tarts is described on her website as "A powerful fresh pineapple juice, rich luscious strawberries and sweet orange juice. Combined with a dash of zing, sweet vanilla and brown sugar, you will have a knockout scent. This oil is both sweet and sassy with a bit of "fizzy" quality! Super strong!"
It's a beautiful orange color and of course tied with a cute little bow. The bag contains three tarts that last for about 4 to 8 hours each. Kim's Tarts cost $1.50 each bag which is an amazing deal. I melted this tart in the master bathroom since I was cleaning the bedroom I wanted to be able to smell it and keep it in my sight. The first thing I smell is orange juice and pineapple juice mixed with some vanilla. It reminds me of a tropical drink. I know the notes say that there are strawberries but I don't really smell those in this mix.
After melting for about 2 to 3 hours it smelled like a tropical paradise in my bathroom! I wanted a frosty tropical drink and to lay out on the beach or by the pool! Creamy vanilla, it wasn't super strong but you definitely get a hint of it. Juicy and sweet orange juice is the scent I got the most of with a mix of pineapple every so often popping up. Very nice summer scent, and strong too! Even after the tealight went out, my husband and I went out to dinner, and when we came home I could still smell it.

I think this was a great scent, however, after a while I was thinking it smelled more like orange dreamsicle. I would totally suggest this scent to someone who likes tropical scents that doesn't contain coconut. Some people can be a little weary of tropical scents because they can be over wheleming with coconut and mango. This doesn't seem to have much of coconut or mango if it even has any at all.  I would say that it's well blended so give this a try for sure!
I will difinitely order this again, perhaps for next year or days that I wish were filled with summer scents.  Creamy and can't go wrong!
Overall Rating: 4.5
Throw: Strong
Size/Type: Tart
Category: Fruit
Buy Again: Yes!