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Friday, January 3, 2014
Well I am trying another nail art challenge. The first one is Fresh. When I think of fresh of simplistic solid colors and what better than a Tiffany blue color. When ever I think of this particular color, I instantly think elegance.
Materials Used:
China Glaze Strong Adhesive Base Coat
China Glaze For Audrey
NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat
Scotch Tape
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Hi Ho Silver
Sally Hansen Insta Dri Silver Sweep
Dotting Tools
Cotton Swabs
Cotton Balls
My Paint Brush for clean up
Out The Door Top Coat

I started my mani with a coat of China Glaze Strong Adhesive Base Coat. I don't let it really dry... by the time I get back to the other hand it's ready to be polished. 
This color is by China Glaze...For Audrey. I used two coats and I went ahead and put a cheap top coat on.  I think it was NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat.  After about 2 to 3 minutes I went ahead and cleaned up around the nail.

I placed two pieces of scotch tape on my nail to make a V shape with Sally Hansen's Insta Dri Silver Sweep.  I let one dry and started another and once I got it set up and painted I just peeled the tape gently so I didn't mess up anything.

I pulled out my other Sally Hansen silver color, because I wasn't sure at first which I wanted to use, and dotted the point of the V.  It didn't turn out PERFECT but it was good enough for me!  After a bit, I went back and used Out The Door top coat. 

TADA!  Next on the Nail Art Challenge for January is Sparkle.  I guess I should start thinking about it.