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Sunday, December 4, 2011
drink scents

I picked up the three drink scents: Vanilla Tini, Strawberry Sparkler, and Jingle Bellini the other day.  I think these are supposed to be like celebrating the new year or perhaps partying during the holidays?  I don’t know.

I’ll start with the one I like least:

Vanilla tini =\=


The B&BW website says “Our exclusive Vanillatini is an addictive cocktail of fresh vanilla, creamy coconut, and lemon zest.”  

If you liked signature vanillas coconut then I guess you might like this one.  I don’t care for it BUT I didn’t like Signature Vanillas Coconut either.  When this dries down there isn’t much of a scent, it’s very soft, to the point where you can’t really smell it, which can be good if you don’t like to have super strong lingering coconut.  Okay, to be honest this was a hard one for me to review.  I could hardly stand it being on a small portion of my forearm.  Something about the way this smells just isn’t my taste but I wanted to be able to say what it was similar to so if you like that, you can get it! =)

Jingle Bellini =\=

jingle bellini

The B&BW website says “Our exclusive Jingle Bellini is a festive cocktail of peach champagne, apricot nectar, and powdered sugar.” 

When I open the cap, I actually like this one.  I enjoy getting a Peach Bellini when I go out to Brio or Cheesecake Factory.  They are tasty and this scent pretty much matches the beverage.  A true peach Bellini has white peach puree and a dry sparkling wine.  However, the ones I have had also added Peach liqueur, like schnapps, to the mix.  I really don’t mind the fact it doesn’t smell like a fresh piece of fruit.  The dry down is nice, fruity sweet, not perfume-y.  Sometimes I want a scent that is basic/fruity and not having to break into my stash of classics to satisfy my needs.  I would consider buying this in a larger bottle when it goes on sale. 

Strawberry Sparkler =\=

strawberry sparkler

B&BW website says “Our exclusive Strawberry Sparkler is a flirty cocktail of wild strawberries, sparkling mandarin and pink jasmine.”

Sweet and fruity what more could this girl ask for (except to bring Country Apple and other classics back to the stores)!  I think once you get over this tingling/tangy smell that they use to make things smell bubbly and carbonated it dries down and is a simple scent.  I get the strawberry which in my opinion smells like strawberry lip balm.  I don’t mind using strawberry scents that remind me of how strawberries taste after they have been cleaned, sliced and sprinkled with sugar.  If you let them sit for a bit in the fridge the sugars mix with the strawberry juice and makes like a syrup.  That’s how this smells to me.  Nothing out of this world, just ordinary.  I wouldn’t mind having this at work for when I’m needing a little lotion and since it dry down is light and would bother anyone that might pass by. 

Over all I like two of the three, which I’m pretty surprised!  I feel that B&BW has been hit or miss for me.  Some fragrances I really really want to like…but it doesn’t mix well with my chemistry.  I will more than likely look for these when they go on sale.  I would imagine it would be at the SAS which I’m not sure just yet when that is going to start, but I’ll post it once I know.  I have heard right after Christmas and then I have heard January.  As soon as I find out I’ll post it on here and on all my other sites as well.

Enjoy your day!