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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Here are my rings from my Diamond Candles.  I really like this company and will order from them again, however it is kind of a once in a while purchase.  I won’t go hog wild on purchasing these since they are $24.95 a piece and you can’t smell them first so make sure you read the descriptions on the website and it should be something that you think is going to be amazing.  I haven’t been disappointed at all and will continue to purchase them it will just be at a slower rate than the other companies. 

Here is my first ring: carnival candy picture

I love love love this scent! It smells like super sweet sugary cotton candy and it’s pink which is just a sweet sugary color, I mean it makes me think of bubble gum or taffy. Yum! It has a great throw!  I had it in my office and it easily made its way into the hallway and kitchen.  I would re order this scent for sure!


ring gold 1This ring was from my Carnival Candy candle. It’s pretty!  This is one of the $10 and too big to wear but it’s no big deal!

I love the prongs on this ring.  The setting sits high which I like, seeing the side of the center stone.



cinnamon roll ring

Here’s the ring from my Cinnamon Roll candle.  I like this one since it’s “silver”.  I don’t really wear that much gold unless it’s my second earring holes or white gold (my wedding band and engagement ring).  I know my rings that are white gold turn yellow after a while but we take them in for a fix up every so often.  <3  Anyway, I like the setting in this ring too.


cin roll symbolMy ever so yummy cinnamon roll candle!  I haven’t had a cinnamon candle that I have enjoyed as much as I have this one!  It’s just what I want when I think of a gooey cinnamon roll.  Excellent fragrance!  A perfect blend of bread, cinnamon, and gooey sugary sweet glaze!  I’m making myself hungry! =)  As I mention in my video review it reminds me of IKEA.  When we go there and look at all the cool stuff I don’t need, I always think of how yummy those rolls smell!  If I could just bottle it up, I would be happy!  Well, this is as close as I have gotten.  Love it!