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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I kept hearing and reading about this company called Kringle Candle Company, so of course I go and look them up on the web. What I found amazed me! This is such a lovely, classy company with the customer in mind. All of their wax is white and filled with lovely fragrance. The have several different lines, even a gentlemen’s line.

black tea and honey Black Tea and Honey =\=
website says “The natural earthiness of ground tea leaves is buoyed by sweet golden nectar. As comforting as a freshly-brewed cup.”
A wonderful aroma of bitter tea, some spices and a hint of honey. I can’t wait to melt this, and I have a feeling it will be on my list for a big purchase from Kringle.
Vanilla Lavender =\=
website says “Two classic scents that play well together. Honest, rich Vanilla meets one of the great understated florals.” Very relaxing type of scent, I could totally use this after a long day at work.
vanilla lavender
splash Splash =\=
website says “Absolutely refreshing, the high citrus notes and bracing, bold, watery coolness of Splash awakens and invigorates the senses.” I haven’t quite figured out what this smells like to me.  I get water and citrus notes one time and then the next I get a baby powder note.  I will have to melt it to figure it out, either way I’m sure it’s wonderful!
Orange and Stars =\=
website says “Cheerful fresh orange notes marry charmingly with pungent dried clove buds to create an unforgettable synergy of scent with Orange and Stars.”  I get anise and orange.  It’s not super strong, but nice and fresh yet spicy too. 
orange and stars
lemon rind Lemon Rind =\=
website says “The very essence of clean, bright and delightfully-biting, Lemon Rind is a stunningly-accurate natural citrus scent. Ideal any place where freshness comes first.”  All I have to say is, you know this would be here! I can’t help myself when it comes to citrus!
Frosted Cake =\=
website says “Scrumptious golden vanilla base notes and light, sweet top notes harmonize delightfully in this new instant-classic fragrance. The ideal wedding favor.”
Delish! I want this in a large jar! It’s so unique. Just enough bakery cake and sweet frosting with hints of other notes like lemon. Amazing!!
frosted cake
fresh cut grass Fresh Cut Grass =\=
website says “This lush, accurate botanical captures the unmistakable green-sweet aroma of a newly-trimmed lawn. Pure nostalgia for many of us.”  True to its name it has the earthy and sweet smell of freshly cut blades of green grass! Amazingly realistic!
Cortland Apple =\=
website says “Here is a wonderfully authentic balance of tart and sweet, the very essence of perfectly ripe autumn fruit: our Cortland Apple.”  Nice fresh apple scent.  There’s something lovely about this scent.  I guess it’s not loaded with other scents or notes, just a pure fresh apple…plain and simple. 
cortland apple


  1. Great review! Thanks from the Kringle Candle team!

  2. True, you can't beat Kringle Candle and the MOST important thing is that they are MADE IN THE USA!!!
    No foreign parts here.