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Sunday, February 5, 2012
Thought I would get a new layout going for February ... Cupcakes weren't what I was going for but hearts weren't working out :). I have a lot of editing to do still.


  1. I like it alot. I am trying to add a bunch of things to mine then I will work on the theme. I LOVE cupcakes. lol.. Just trying to add Links. Everytime I try to save them they don't show up on my blog. WEIRD. Anyway's you blog looks AWESOME ;)

  2. How did you change your design on Blogger? I love this one which I want to look for another Cupcake one because it goes with my name TemptingTreats.. lol. Thanks a bunch. I just love how you did the blocks on the side with labels, followers & such.. AWESOME..

  3. I'm not going to lie, it was kind of hard to figure out. I just wanted the code so I could look at it and figure out where everything needed to go. there are places around that offer free layouts for blogger. The section labels I just made in a free program called gimp (I didn't name it so please don't take it to be rude). If you search around for brushes you can add them into your program and use them like the cupcakes. I need to make a section to link to the place where I found the brushes that I used to made this layout. Once you make or find your graphics you just add the picture widget for each section...lets say you have the links graphic on top but it still has links typed underneath it, just edit the links widget and take the title off of it. that way it looks like it's been replaced with the graphic. :)