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Sunday, December 18, 2011

three  tropical carnivalI went to Bath and Body Works the other day to pick up some holiday gifts and they had the previews out for the Tropical Carnival line.  I’m not sure that is the actually name of the line, it’s just what was on the website when I looked up the scents on the BBW page.  Here they are:

Aruba Coconut =\=aruba coconut
Aruba Coconut is that sun tan lotion/coconut scent that people like during the summer.  I actually like this…it’s definitely something I would wear if I wanted to feel like I was just at the beach or pool.  The notes are creamy coconut, exotic lychee and white musk.  It’s got a sweet hint to it which I like….the dry down doesn’t smell like vanilla coconut which is great (I didn’t care for the signatures vanilla coconut).  It’s similar to Hawaii Coconut so if you liked HC try this one out.

Bali Mango =\=bali mango
Bali Mango was out last year and I do believe it was pretty popular.  Glad to see it came back for the up coming year.  The notes are juicy mango, sugar cane, passionflower, and nectarine.   I like this fragrance since it’s really fruity and summer-y.  When I smell this, I think of laying out on the beach or by the pool.  Warm breezes blowing, and the sun beaming down.  Now don’t be confused about this mango.  If the last mango you tried was from the signature Coconut line then please give this a try.  I didn’t care for the coconut Mango.  At first I did but I got tired of it super fast. 

*Rio Rumberry =\=rio rumberry
Rio Rumberry is a new scent for this year.  Last year’s line had Fiji Passion fruit in it, which was my top pick.  They got rid of it and filled it’s spot with Rio Rumberry which was a great choice.  I do believe I will be getting this scent in the large bottle, along with Bali Mango.  The notes are tropical berries, fresh papaya and vanilla blossom.  When I opened the bottle, I totally thought it smelled like a mixed drink/daiquiri.  I really smell the papaya and berries.  I didn’t get the vanilla until it dried down. 

Overall, I’m happy with these three scents.  I am glad that B&BW brought back Bali Mango and tweaked the other two to make different fragrances.  Even though I was a fan of Fiji Passion fruit and liked Hawaii Coconut I know that the two new scents will be perfect for the warm summer month that will be here before you know it.