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Sunday, November 20, 2011

So super excited to receive my first order from Tempting Treats and I can honestly tell you it won’t be my last (and I haven’t even melted anything yet)!  Here’s the scoop on what came in my package:temptreats first order

Fruity Loops (of course)
Lemon Drops
Winter Wonderland
Florida Sunrise
Purple Cow
Sugar Corn Pudding
Enchanted Love

Her wax melts are a good size, I weighed on my scale and it was 34 grams or 1 1\8 oz.   The best way I can describe it using another company; Larger than a Yankee Candle tart (0.8oz) but CHEAPER =).  I paid $1.25 per tart and thank you so much for selling these in a tiny ziploc bag!!  I like storing all of my tarts/melts and such in ziplocs so this saves me time and they are tiny so I don’t have excess baggie room taking up space. 
Labels:  Cute and classic, white with a cute font.  Circular, with the name of the company, name of the product (premium wax melt), and the name of the scent.  See the pictures below to get a better idea.

Now, I know it doesn’t seem like I picked up a lot but to be honest I have a ton of tarts/scent shots/melts that I haven’t used and trying to save up for the holiday season so I held back, it didn’t have anything to do with the scent choices or anything. 


If you are a lover of marshmallows shaped as cute little animals that you could just gobble all up…then here you go!  Don’t worry, you will still get the yumminess but without feeling sad that you had to eat the sugary little guys. 

This is a nice scent (based on the cold throw) sweet mix of vanilla, marshmallow and sugar.  I don’t think it’s too sweet so if peeps aren’t really your thing, I think you will still enjoy this scent.  I will give you more of an idea once I get them going in the warmer.

Lemon Drops=\=Lemon drops

For the citrus freak in me, Lemon Drops is a must to have on hand.  This is a super strong lemon-y explosion in a tiny package!  I get tart sweet and extra lemon when I open this package which makes this one of the first ones that will be melted, (after making the YouTube video).  Reminds me of a lemon head candy.


Fruity Loops=\=fruityloops

I must say this…..this ranks with other companies versions of this tasty cereal scented melt.  I like this better than some I have tried but for me the true test will be how it turns out in the warmer.  I can totally tell these are highly scented!  It’s so strong when I open the baggie, which believe me is a good thing!  I like to know the melt is going to last a while.  Citrusy and cereal like scent, this melt is one that will give my senses a run for their money.  I don’t know what it is about this scent that makes me so happy.  =)


Sugar Corn Pudding=\=sugarcornpuddingtt

Sweet creamy corn mixed with a yummy bakery scent, Sugar Corn Pudding is an interesting scent, I mean you wouldn’t really think to put this as a scent choice but something about it just works!  I have only used one other vendors version of this sweet treat but this one has the same delish fragrance.  It really gives off an authentic bakery scent.  Like you have been working hard in the kitchen during a holiday or family gathering putting together your passed down from generation to generation recipe that everyone in the family is expecting on the table.  Love it and can’t wait to try Tempting Treats’ version!

Enchanted Love=\=enchanted Love

Not much to describe for this one, if you have ever smelled Victoria’s Secret’s  Love Spell then you will know what this smells like.  If not, it’s cherry and peach with some floral notes ( I think it’s jasmine).  I love it.



Winter Wonderland=\=winterwonderland

Winter Wonderland smells like a wonderful winter full of pine and spice.  I’m sure there are more notes involved than what I am describing, perhaps some eucalyptus, vanilla, and cedar.  I am happy I picked this one with the winter season on it’s way and all now my house can smell like I want it to.  =) 


purple cow

Purple Cow=\=

Grape goodness and creamy vanilla.  I believe this is a spin on the ice cream popsicles that had the cream in the center.  Yum!  I just remember eating all the grape flavored popsicles out of the box first since they were my favorite and I didn’t want my sister and my dad finishing them off before I got to have any.  I still do that with the pop ice……no body is going to take my grape from me.  Oh sorry, flashbacks.  I can’t wait to try this out, I think I was more intrigued than anything.  On the cold throw it’s almost too much for me to smell, I get a huge kick of kid’s medicine but that’s not a bad thing, if you ever had Dimetapp which is grape flavored.  If I leave the baggie open for a little longer you can tell it’s going to be creamy and grapey.  I can’t wait to try this on the warmer.

Florida Sunrise=\=floridasunrise

SO can’t wait to try this!!  Living in the Sunshine State I had to see what this was all about.  It smells so good!  Being into citrus scents this one is different then my beloved lemon but still is up there!  I hope it smells this good while it’s melting.  It’s not so much of Orange oil, which I don’t really like, but I do love the smell of orange juice! <3

Well that’s my little purchase from Tempting Treats.  Make sure to go and check out her site! Here’s the link –> Tempting Treats