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Sunday, October 16, 2011

FYI --I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday and well to my surprise they were getting ready for Christmas!  They had a two candle box set (kind of like the one they had for fall with Harvest and Autumn Leaves).  It had Sparkling Pine and Home for the Holidays.  I haven’t tried these scents but I might pick up a box, since it’s $30 and I have a BBB coupon.  They had Yankee plug ins but this year’s are very cartoony looking.  I love my cute snowman that I bought last year (I might have been two years ago).  Good thing they are refillable.  I might go ahead and buy the Christmas tree one, he’s kind of cute and if I put it in the guest bathroom it will be cute for my nephews to see when they visit. 

I splurged the other day at Bath and Body Works!  I bought a whole bunch of stuff that I really didn’t need but I wanted it so why not, right? So here it is:

First I picked up some of the new candles, keep in mind I will review these separately once I get a chance to try them out.

Deck the Hallsdeck the hallls small:

I, of course, haven’t melted it yet but the description is “Ring in the holiday spirit with green balsam, red berries and cinnamon bark, honey and sandalwood”.

From a cold throw stand point Deck the Halls smells like balsam.  I am not getting a whole lot of cinnamon bark but I do smell something sweet.  There is a slight bite which I am assuming it’s the cinnamon but it’s not super strong like I would expect from cinnamon bark.  I’m not sure if it’s piney enough for my taste.  I really like the holiday scents to smell like trees, mint and the occasional cookie.  I will get a better idea today when I melt it.  Remember I buy the preview candles to melt in my tart warmers.  I want to try it out first before buying a three wick.


Winters night smallWinter Night:

The label didn’t show up all that great but it’s pretty!  I like the way it’s a purple/lavender color with the the silver and white.  The description for this candle is “Inspired by a distant fire on a crisp winter night – fir tree, warm cypress with cedar and clove buds”.

From a cold throw stand point Winter Night is very strong.  I get a real kick of clove and citrus.  It reminds me of taking a tangerine or some other citrus and sticking cloves on it.  I am pretty sure one of my friends do this type of thing with her children.  It smells so good.  Something about the sweet tanginess from the oils from the citrus and clove together makes a strong lovely scent which reminds me of a warm cozy and inviting home.

Merry Mistletoe:merry mistletoe small

The labels for the new scents like this one have a kaleidoscope type of look to them.  The description of this scent is “A blend of frosted cranberries, blue spruce and iced citrus make this a merry scent for the season”.

From a cold throw stand point Merry Mistletoe is sweet.  It’s a sweet version of Evergreen in my opinion.  Something about frosted cranberries just gets me all excited for the holidays and since this fragrance has frosted cranberries in it, I had to give it a go.  I get some pine for sure, which seems sweet, but it could just be the mix of citrus and cranberries.  I really like this but the final test will be to melt it. 

I picked up some regular three wick candles too!  I can’t help myself but I was pretty disappointed with the selection they had at the store I went to, barely anything on the shelves.  I will visit the other store this week.  I know I’ll miss out on the two for twenty but oh well.  I ordered online for the holiday scents.  I will share that when it is delivered.

Here are the candles I got:

Fireside -fireside small  I couldn’t help myself.  It was the only three wick of Fireside left and well I really like to mix this with Fresh Balsam.  It makes me think that people actually have fireplaces going during Christmas time.  I am not from up North so I have never had a cold winter to where I would need a fire place but if I had to choose a fragrance that smelled like it, this would be it!  My winter holidays are anywhere from 60’s to 80’s.  They are not just being funny when they have Santa on the beach or in his bathing suit….if he lived here, he would be swimming!  Love Fireside and if I can grab another one of these, I’ll do it in a minute.  I actually like this more than Yankee’s version.  It’s interesting to smell different companies variation of this candle.

Fireside’s description is “A blazing fire in wintertime, this blend of cedar and sandalwood is layered with leather and the richness of amber.

Evergreen - evergreen small picAh…the smell of the holiday tree!  Evergreen is such a great scent.  Although I have read that it’s not the same that was out last year.  I can believe that but then again I didn’t try it until this year so I am hooked on this version!  It’s pretty much the combination that I like with Fresh Balsam and Fireside but this has some hints of other notes in it.  Evergreen’s description is “Fresh fir and cool pine blend with a touch of smoky white birch and spicy clove”.  Simply wonderful!  I’m sure if this is a changed scent the original must have been amazing too!  I can’t wait until it gets a little closer to the winter holidays before lighting this one.  However, I want to see if this is one I want to get a couple of three wick candles.  I have a pretty large room to fill so I have to have a couple of the same candles burning sometimes to get the scent circulating. 

They had the two pack of wallflower refills for $6 which is a good time to stock up.  I picked up two which I’m not going to go into great detail since they are fragrances that are out every year:
Cinnamon and clove buds and Frosted Cranberry

cinnamon and clove budsfrosted cranberry






I did get some holiday lip gloss!  I love their liplicious brand!liplicious  I bought All I want is a gingerbread giggle and All I want is a cranberry kiss.  Love them!  I haven’t tried the gingerbread one yet but I had to break into the cranberry one.  Since it’s buy two get one free I got two cranberry kiss. 



I got a couple of bottles of Vanilla Bean Noel for presents.  That’s about all I got.  I’ll do another post of the goodies that are in the mail heading my way!  Couldn’t resist the 2 for $20 so I grabbed some more candles.  Enjoy the rest of your day!