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Monday, September 12, 2011

Many people ask how to get their tarts out of their dish!  I have tried several ways and I am going to explain them all to you.  You will have to find the way that works best for you.

The Ice Queen:
I thought I would put little names to them just to be funny.  This method you simply place a couple of ice cubes on top of the solid tart/wax.  After a few minutes, you should be able to move the tart around and slide it out.  If you look, the sides start to pull away from the glass/ceramic.  Wax shrinks when it’s cold. 

Warm Hearted:
Some people like to warm the tart just a little so it comes out.  I have never tried this method however if you actually knew me you would know that I never mess with a bowl of wax.  Even a little.  It’s a scientific fact that I will spill it on me, the floor, the wall..or whatever seems to be available for wax decorating.  I’m sure they take a paper towel or something and just wipe it out after trashing the wax.

Making Waves:
I have heard of people placing a few drops of water in the bowl.  I am not sure if they do it before they melt a new tart or if this is something they do after it’s melting and right before they turn it off to cool.  I believe it’s supposed to make it so the tart can’t seal itself in the bowl.  If you have tried this or do this as your method, please share what it does.  I have tried it but have had no luck.

What’s Cookin’ Hot Stuff:
Do you have an oil?  I have tried this method with again no luck.  I took some cooking spray and placed it in the bowl before I have melted a new tart.  It didn’t do anything but make the tart smell like cooking spray and pumpkins.  Yummy!

Bowl of Ice Cream:
Your freezer can smell yummy too!  If your tart warmer has a separate bowl, some people place the bowl in the freezer.  I stopped using this method because I heard it makes the glass/ceramic weak and it will break.  Also I would forget the bowl and well then it would be in there for days I would be looking all around trying to find it.  However, it does make the tart literally fall right out.

Hot Mama:
Just dump the wax in the trash after it doesn’t smell anymore.  I will do this but only if I’m in the Kitchen and it wasn’t a whole tart.  If the wax is super shallow and I take baby steps to the trash, and there aren’t any sudden movements around me, I should be okay.
More than likely though –>   Once again….me….hot wax….things I don’t want burned or to replace.  Nuff said.

My directions that came with my tart warmer from YC said to place my palm on the tart and with a little force it should pop out.  I don’t want to slice my hand up so I have been scared to do this.  I could just see the entire warmer bursting in my hands. 

I know there are people that use tools to get their solid wax out of the warmer.  Once again I don’t want to break the warmer so I don’t really use anything.  Sometimes I have been know to score, or make cuts on the top of the wax, so it will break away in pieces.  I don’t push down hard on the knife…just enough to thin out areas. 

I think that’s all I have!  Like I had mentioned before, you will have to find a way that works best for you!  Just be careful!  Remember it’s glass or ceramic!  I don’t want you to cut yourself or spill hot stuff all over you, your dog, your loved ones.

If there is a method you use that isn’t listed please feel free to share!