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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I went to the Samp and Tart Palooza yesterday and scored on my favorites!  I was very excited to see my local store was stocked up with just about everything I wanted and I might swing back by and pick up a few more votives.  Here’s the loot:

12 Grapevine and Oak tarts -  I was told that when they’re gone, they’re gone!  I had to stock up on tarts however I just about bought them out.  I will get some votives in this scent.  It’s my favorite!

6 Spiced Pumpkin
6 Harvest
8 Blueberry Scone
3 Soft Blanket
3 Buttercream
3 Strawberry Buttercream
2 Early Sunrise
2 Storm Watch
4 Pumpkin Pie
2 Kiwi Berries
2 Sparkling Lemon
4 Hazelnut Coffee
8 Autumn Leaves
3 Chocolate Truffle
2 Banana Nut Bread
2 Almond Cookie

I did get some votives in: Almond Cookie, Fresh Mint, Storm Watch, and Apple Cider.

I was offered the last $5 tart warmer while I was walking around the store.  Which was very nice since I was looking at the warmers, trying to see if they had any of them left.  Happy with it even though it is not electric, I prefer to use the tea light warmers in the bathroom.  I don’t have to try and hide the cords and if I forget that it’s burning eventually it will burn out.

I am happy with my purchase!  I really wanted Blueberry Muffin but they didn’t have it in the store however I will be going back to check!  I want to try it out before buying a jar of it. 

I used a $15 off of $45 coupon that I received attached to my catalog (the one with the Boney Bunch on the cover). 

I hope you get a chance to stop by and take advantage of this sale.  If you snagged your favorites, let me know!  I would be glad to hear what you were able to pick up!

I will be reviewing several tarts this weekend.  I will share some pictures when I get home from work today.